En Japanese Dining, UE Square: Variety and Quality Okinawa Food

En Japanese Dining UE Square ReviewJimami tofu ($8.80)

Walked by En Japanese Dining countless times, but always bypassing it to go to a new, fancy restaurant, perpetually sprouting at Robertson Quay. Finally, a chance to try En Dining and found a reason why it stands rock solid at UE Square.

En Japanese Dining Robertson Quay Review9 Kinds Sashimi ($59.80)

En Japanese Dining presents a kaleidoscope of stewed, steamed, grilled, bbq-ed, and sashimi Japanese dishes. We went mostly for the Okinawa dishes, which the Entertainer’s App gives 1-for-1 offer (buy 1 item, get the other item free).

En Japanese Dining Mohamed SultanJimami tofu ($8.80) is handmade, texture like a dessert custard, with a nutty undertone–salty, sweet, pungent, making this one of our favorite dishes. Sweet stewed pork belly ($10.80/$17.80) had two contrasting textures, melt-in-your-mouth fats and a chewy meat, and did not feel jerlat at all.

En Japanese Dining Singapore priceAnother favorite of ours was beef sashimi ($22), that was seared on the surface, giving it an amazing aroma that lingered long in the mouth. This one got the feeling of bliss. 

En Japanese Dining Singapore menuGrilled Japanese Squid ($13.80)

En Japanese Dining SG menuOkinawa soba ($11.80/$7.80)

Two hetero men at the next table said to the wait staff that the dessert selections–cakes and ice cream–were too fattening and skipped it. BIG MISTAKE. The matcha mille crepe ($8.80), with green tea cream and smooth red bean paste stuffed in between layers of crepes, was divine! We ooh-ed and aah-ed at it.
En Dining Singapore If you haven’t purchased the Entertainer App, which gives you 1-for-1 selected dishes at En Dining, you may want to use my discount code 2015RERG to give you discount on the app. You can come as a group of 6 and still use the coupons in the app!

En Japanese Dining @ Mohd Sultan

207 River Valley Road #01-57 UE Square, Singapore 238275
T: +65 6735 2212
Sun-Th 6pm-12am; F, Sat & Eve PH 6pm-3am

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This is an advertorial for The Entertainer App.

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