Skyve, Newton: A Delicious Respite from a Hectic Life

skyve singapore reviewSometimes I feel like I’m chasing the next new, newer, newest restaurant that I neglect the established ones that are quietly doing excellent work. Luckily, The Entertainer App has 1-for-1 mains at some of these great restaurants.

skyve reviewHalf dozen oysters (au naturel $28, Chilean $34, Lychee saketini granita $34)

And Skyve is definitely among the greats. It is near town, but at a secluded spot, so when we walked in, we felt transformed, relaxed. There is something magical in the restaurant, where the canteen of Monk’s Hill School used to be. The classy space is versatile enough for corporate events, weddings, and even kids’ birthdays for up to 100 guests.

Trained in French cooking, Chef Jachin Tan has experience at Wolfgang Puck in US and is influenced by Japanese and Latin American flavors. At Skyve, he presents modern European cuisine, much of the food using sous vide method.

Skyve Winstedt Rd priceThe food was fantastic, one of the best restaurants we have been this year. Both starters, caprese momotaro ($20, above), and DIY seared beef tartare ($22, below), are must orders. For caprese momotaro, basil water is infused into the tomato for 2 to 3 days, so the saccharine tomato, paired with buffala mozzarella, homemade pesto, arugula, and grains of aromatic Iranian pistachio, had a perfect score in texture and taste: sweet, bitter, milky, crunchy, soft, complex, and umami.

skyve newton menuAll the dishes were good that night, but if forced at gunpoint to name the best, the DIY tartare, from New Zealand tenderloin, is a likely choice. For those who find raw beef icky, the tartare here is lightly seared and, for that night, didn’t feel gooey at all. The truffle oil within the tartare was impossible to resist.

skyve sg reviewThe mains, cod and pork, came in generous portions. Willaim preferred the Ancho cod ($38) to the pork. Glazed with Mexican ancho chilli, which caramelized to taste like a spicy teriyaki sauce, the milkiness of the cod came as a lingering aftertaste.

skyve singapore I preferred the sous vide grilled Duroc pork rack ($37). It had a nice bite—these days, I don’t fancy overly tender meat—and a smoky umami.

skyve singapore reviewGet the dessert platter ($25); all five were nice. My favorites were the light coconut panna cotta—because coconut is “in” now, and I’m fashionable—and apple crumble because sour desserts end a meal better than sweet. William liked the tiramisu cake with a hazelnut crunchy base—young people like sweet things.

skyve singaporeGalatte a roon ($12)

I’m thankful to the Entertainer App to have 1-for-1 mains at such an outstanding restaurant. The app would save me about $40 each time I visit Skyve, and Skyve deserves frequent visits. If you haven’t purchased the app, you can use my discount code 2015RERG for 10% off.

Skyve Wine Bistro Singapore

No.10 Winstedt Road, Block E, #01-17 Singapore 227977
Sun-Th 10am-11pm/ F, Sat & PH Eve 10am to 1am
T: +65 6225 6690

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