Haha Thai, Ngee Ann City: RED VELVET LAVA CAKE. BOOMZ.

Haha Thai Singapore reviewPreviously known as Hahaha Seafood Restaurant at Foch Road at Jalan Besar, they moved to Ngee Ann City, and revamped to Haha Thai Restaurant. It is a family business, which branched out from a seafood supplier, so you know they get the best of seafood.

Haha Thai takashimaya priceIf you have Thai friends, you’d know when they reply whatsapp, they go “555.” Which means “hahaha” to them, because 5 is pronounced as “ha.” The restaurant is inspired by King Rama V, or King Rama HA, known as a good chef, who cooked with his subjects. The restaurant also means “haha” as in laughter, hoping to provide a happy space for its customers.

haha thai restaurant orchard menuThe food, however, contradicted the name; the restaurant means serious business and the food is no laughing matter, and as a result, the dishes were rather delicious. Oysters ($2.80/pc, above) were plump and juicy. Tom yum talay ($9.80/ $16.80, below) sweet, creamy, and slightly spicy. Crispy egg floss ($11.80) had an airy texture. The winner, sambal kangkong ($8.80), was complex, sweet-spicy, and then salty.

haha thai singapore reviewThere were, however, some misses: the salted egg soft shelled crab ($14.80) was nice on its own, but no taste of salted egg. Otah ($8.80) was stodgy. The Himalayan salt baked seabass ($49.80, below), overpriced. Buttercorn prawns ($18.80) could be fresher.

haha thai singapore

Must. Save. Space. For. Desserts. They make their own ice cream: the Thai milk tea ice cream was aromatic with tea. The coconut ice cream light and refreshing.

haha thai restaurant sgThe red velvet lava cake with coconut ice cream ($10.80) was unforgettable, one of the best desserts I had this year. It oozed red velvet and cream cheese, sweet, chocolatey, with a tinge of salt. MUST ORDER.

Haha thai SGTo Infinity and back! The mango slices were arranged in an auspicious infinity sign. $11.80.

While the food was generally good, the portions were small. (Haha Thai sits on prime land, so the pricing/portion is understandable.) At a Thai restaurant, 4 persons would normally order 4-5 dishes to be full, but at Haha Thai, you may need to order 6-8 dishes. But as the food is pleasing, perhaps you wouldn’t mind ordering more to share, more to love.

Haha Thai Restaurant

391 Orchard Rd, Ngee Ann City #05-29 Singapore 238873
T: +65 6299 4401
Rating: 3.208/5 stars

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Thanks, Serena and Terence for the invited tasting.

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