Jin Shan Lou, MBS: Celebrity Chef for Presidents and Prime Ministers Presents Taiwanese Porridge Supper

Jin Shan Lou reviewWith 47 years of experience, Master Chef Huang Ching Biao is a big deal. He has cooked for not one, but TWO FOUNDERS of Asian countries, President Chiang Kai-shek, and first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

jin shan lou singapore menuThe Taiwanese Porridge Supper (10.30pm-2.30am daily) features 70 dishes, and we tried more than 10 of them. They were all good.

Jin shan lou mbs price

jin shan lou singapore

jin shan lou sgThe pork dishes stood out, and our favorites that night were porky:
Stewed pork belly with preserved vegetables 梅菜扣肉 ($16): not greasy, not overly salty
Steamed minced pork 蒸肉饼 ($16): aromatic, and homely
Braised pork belly 外婆红烧肉 ($20)

jin shan lou marina bay sands hotelFried pomfret with bean sauce ($18)

Jin Shan Lou singaporeShrimp paste chicken ($24)

In general, the dishes were homely and tasty, and I was surprised to find that no MSG was used. But the positioning is weird for me: rich casino-goers may not eat such simple, rustic dishes; and locals know equally savory and more affordable teochew muay to satisfy our supper cravings.

jin shan lou SGBraised duck ($20)

Nonetheless, the food is delicious, and you don’t very often come across such an august chef who has served royalty. Perhaps late-night moviegoers or clubbers in the city area may want to pop by?

Jin Shan Lou 金山楼 @ Marina Bay Sands Hotel

1 Bayfront Avenue, Tower 2 Hotel Lobby #01-05, Singapore 018971
T: +65 6688 7733
Supper: 10.30pm-2.30am daily
Rating: 3/5

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Thanks, Sylvia and Ellie, for the tasting.

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  1. Huang Jin Biao…worked in Marina Mandarin Hotel as a cook for 17 years not a celebrity “CHEF”(before joining JIN SHAN LOU) and he did not cooked personally for our late founding father of Singapore….and his cooking is RUBBISH…..v…..RUBBISH and pls never made claims of untrue on F&B for the sake of marketing and using our Singapore GREATEST founding father name…


      • Does you people knows ??? how old is he now(Huang Ch’ing Biao) and when did the late President of Taiwan die(age)totally false claims….hopefully ,you as journalist, made sure reports of such claims must be supported with evidences and facts because you people are using GREAT names and could be misleading ….


        • Dude,

          1. Yes I’ve checked when Cheung Kai Shek died before writing this. You please go and check. The time line fits.

          2. You seem to have a beef with Huang and know him personally. Go take your issue with him. Don’t be insolent here. It’s your privilege to come to my blog. It’s like you go to someone’s house, you don’t criticize that person’s house right?

          3. I only write the info that the chef gives me. I cannot be responsible if he’s boasting or telling the truth. The onus lies with him, his integrity and reputation.

          4. If you can’t be polite, leave. I don’t want you reading my personal blog. It’s not a magazine.


  2. I stay at MBS regularly and I have always disliked Jin Shan – ok I have never eaten there, but the location in the lobby of tower 2 is so awkward. I can understand the Rise buffet restaurant being located in such a place, but a fine dining restaurant needs to be a bit more private. Is there no private dining rooms?

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