Hana Japanese Restaurant, Orchard Forum: Artisanal Japanese Food, A Beautiful Space

hana restaurant singapore reviewSmall world! The boss of Hana Restaurant turns out to be in Huccalyly’s kettlebell class. The kettlebellers (kettlebellas?) nicknamed him “Handsome.” “Handsome” and the chef fly to Japan regularly to choose, buy, and carry back ingredients themselves: now this is what “artisanal” means. Expect seasonal seafood and vegetables on the menu.

hana japanese restaurant menu forum orchardIf you’re using the Entertainer App‘s 1-for-1 mains, zoom in for the kill. Mix and match these items to get a bang for your bucks: premium chirashi ($60), premium sushi set ($80), premium sashimi ($80), and Kagoshima wagyu ($60).

hana japanese restaurant SG price Truffle uni chanwanmushi ($22)

hana restaurant singaporeBlack pork katsu ($18)

OK. You won’t be full after the mains but since you have saved at least $60, you can order other dishes (mostly from $10-$28). I recommend:

hana restaurant forum orchard(1) charcoal grilled teriyaki chicken: this is part of their omakase menu ($120/$150) but if you ask nicely, they may oblige to part it as a la carte. They use their own homemade teriyaki sauce, which is awesomely salty; it is almost too salty but pulls back at the edge to produce umami. They grill the skin to an aromatic charred smokey crisp, as if deep fried, so the fat under the skin melts in your mouth.

hana restaurant forum orchardGrilled Kagoshima wagyu ($50)

hana restaurant SG(2) mentaiyaki gindara cod ($28): crisp skin, moist inside, add a pinch of salt, and it’s ready to wow.

hana restaurant singapore(3) you have, have, have to end with their homemade black sesame ice cream ($5). It has a million sesame seeds in it, giving a supernova of textural crunch.

In a recent survey, 2/3 Singaporeans eat out more often than eating at home. Which means most of us would spend money on at least 11 meals a week at hawker centres and restaurants. If you use the Entertainer App just once at Hana, you would have already recoup the cost of the app ($60). You’d save so much money with the app! Here is another money saving way: discount code 2015RERG gives you 10% off the app. Don’t say bojio.

Hana Restaurant Singapore

583 Orchard Road, 01-17 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884
T: +65 6737 5525

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This is an advertorial for The Entertainer.

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