Full of Crab, Joo Chiat: An ex-blogger once said to me, “You’re a barbarian, using hands to eat.” Well, yes, I am.

full of crab singapore reviewNo utensils at Full of Crab, even when eating fish and chips ($13.90, pictured above). It uses dory fish with a beautiful crust from dry batter, herby with a hint of–was it?–paprika. The buffalo Cajun fries, thin as shoestrings, were super crispy and addictive. I love everything on this plate. Worth the money.

full of crab east coast road priceBut the main sell of the place is bags full of crabs. Choose your crabs (market price) and your sauce (Cajun, or garlic butter, or fully loaded which is a mix of the former two).

The combos (good for 2, at market price) include crab, prawns, potatoes or corn. The Sri Lanka crab combo ($77 that day) wasn’t available, so we got the king crab legs combo ($55) in fully loaded sauce. The sauce was too oily, too rich for us, and the flesh of prawns stuck to the shells–people say it’s a sign that it isn’t fresh. But the crab was sweet.

full of crab singapore menuAnd what fun to eat with hands! Eating with hands has gotten a bad rep these days. At a tasting long ago, I used hands to eat a drumstick and a blogger, no longer blogging now, criticized my “uncouth” behavior, insulting that I was a barbarian.

There is a long history of why people think eating with hands is barbaric, mostly because of colonialization, and how white people classified Asian and black people as barbarians; they considered themselves superior to “barbarians”, and used the Superiority excuse to “civilize” and rule us. White people use “proper” cutlery; most Asian cultures–Indians, Japanese, etc–use our hands. (Ok, I note the irony that Full of Crab is an American Cajun restaurant.)

full of crab singapore priceBut this review is not a post-colonial critique; this review is about owning it. I must be myself under all circumstances, so if I’m a barbarian for using my hands, then yes, I am. I use my hands to eat sushi, har jeong gai, and, in Chennai, briyani because…

1. When you use your hands to eat, there is a connection with the food, and the food tastes infinitely better than using cutlery. Don’t believe me; do an experiment for yourself. Eat fried chicken using cutlery first, then eat it with your hands. See which one tastes better.

So the more I used my hands to eat the crab at Full of Crab, the better it tasted. I even dug my fingers into the sauce to pick up the garlic bits.

2. It was super shiok to eat like a caveman, don’t need to care about image. Mr Fitness joked, “Hey this is paleo (prehistoric) diet!” Er… got baguette, got corn, got sauce and fries, not paleo diet.

3. The song U Can’t Touch This refers to U Can’t Touch Your Handphone. Must socialize. I LOVE IT. I hate handphones. People lost the art of conversation with the invention of smartphones. Why go out with friends if you want to use your handphone?

full of crab singaporeMr Fitness and I had an awesome time at maritime-themed Full of Crab. If food is about bonding with family and friends, then come here. But if you’re on a new date, don’t come. Your breath will stink of garlic–they provide mints which are very refreshing after the meal–and even though we washed out hands three times, we still stank in the car, almost like a blue cheese stench. Or maybe my mouth is too near my nose. But I guess bad breath is a small price to pay for a happy memory.

Full of Crab Singapore

195 East Coast Rd Singapore 428900
T: +65 6348 8195 / +65 9725 2195
M, W & Th 4pm-10pm, F 4pm-10.30pm, Weekends 11.30am-10.30pm
Food: 5.75/10
Service: N.A. (tasting)
Decor/Ambience: 9/10
Value: 6/10
Rating: 3.458/5

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This is an invited tasting.

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