Bread Street Kitchen, Marina Bay Sands: The Gordon Ramsay Restaurant is Now Open

bread street kitchen mbs reviewBread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay is finally open today at Marina Bay Sands. Across from Carnivore, the casual restaurant with the classic white-and-black checkered floor faces the scenic Marina Bay–a relaxing and wonderful ambience.

The British European food, with some global touches, is simple and easy. This outlet is helmed by Sabrina Stillhart, who has been with the Gordon Ramsay group for 10 years.

gordon ramsay restaurant singaporeStarters: The acidity of lime in salmon ceviche ($19) was supposed to cook the fish–cooked salmon is supposed to be whitish–but we couldn’t taste the citrus, and the salmon was still pinkish. The ceviche appeared simply dressed in grapefruit, so this was like salmon sashimi in grapefruit, something we could easily accomplish at home.

bread street kitchen gordon ramsay singapore

It is very brave to recommend tamarind-spiced chicken wings ($18) as the restaurant’s specialty because Singapore has so many amazing chicken wings. The wings were not bad, throughly marinated, but it was overpriced for two drumlets and three wings (what happened to the third drumlet?!). And it needed to be crispier and fresher.

bread street kitchen singapore priceMains: We wondered where our $38 went into for this Shepherd’s Pie ($38). BFF Paul groused, “Er.. this tasted like Campbell Soup, with mashed potato on top.” Really a waste of money here.

bread street kitchen mbsThe roasted pork belly with apple puree ($28) fared much better. Super tender meat, with a hard, crackling skin, but good skin breaks at the crunch of teeth. Here the skin stuck to our teeth. BFF Paul wanted some carbs in this dish.

bread street kitchen singapore reviewThe best dish turned out to be the banana toffee pudding ($18); it brought me back to London. It was dense and very sweet, almost too sweet but pulled back at the edge to be tantalizing. The clotted cream, we guessed, must be freshly made inhouse, so light.

My advice is: if you’re going as a Hell’s Kitchen’s or Masterchef’s fan, like BFF Paul, then you’ll be disappointed. There is nothing truly unique about the food. But if, like me, you’re going without any expectations, the food was ok albeit overpriced, served at a relaxing, luxurious setting, with wonderful service. We spent $121 for two.

Bread Street Kitchen Singapore

2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, #01-81 Singapore 018792
T: +65 6688 5665
Daily 11.30am-5.30pm, Sun-W 5.30pm-10pm, Th-Sat 5.30pm-12am

Value: 5/10
Food: 6.5/10
Decor/Ambience: 7/10
Service: 8.5/10
Rating: 3.375/5

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Full disclosure: Britt, the sommelier who used to work at Saveur Art, recognized me, and the assistant manager, Jenna, waived off our dessert.

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      • I just lol’ed at your reply. Anyway, from the photo, it looks just like a salmon sashimi to me. I grew up on (local) ceviche, we call it kinilaw back in the PH and yes, it’s supposed to be ‘white’ as it’s ‘cooked’ using the lime and/or vinegar.

        I’m a huge fan of GR! But reading all reviews from the opening day, I think I might be disappointed when I come.


        • Haha. I’m usually nicer, but I’ve no patience these days for rude people.

          Yes! You get me. I didn’t say ceviche is salmon cooked by fire; I said the acidity of lime would cook the salmon.

          Many people have high expectations because it’s a Ramsay restaurant. But if you go, treating Ramsay as any other chef, the restaurant is okay. Enjoy yourself!

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  1. BSK did have teething problems, but they’ve ironed out a lot now. I think you should head back there for another try. I was annoyed they replaced the Moluccas Room at MBS for BSK at first, but now I realise its appeal. It’s not too expensive either, at least not IMO.

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