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FOODIES is a documentary which follows some of the most powerful international food bloggers on their world tours to Michelin-starred restaurants. Through social media, these foodies have reached a high status on the food scene where they can get a table within hours at the world’s most sought-after restaurants, which a normal customer would need months or a year in advance to make reservations. Their power stems from their increasingly influential opinions to chefs, restaurant owners and potential customers.

Foodies is screening exclusively at selected Golden Village cinemas from 16 July 2015.


Huccalyly: Which blogger do you dislike in the film?

Wise Guy: Obviously, Andy Hayler (the only person who has been to all 109 three-Michelin-starred restaurants in the world), and Opinionated About Dining (OAD). They are insufferable! In the opening scene, Hayler was served Moet & Chandon, and he complained how much he hated the champagne. “These are the trials we must bear,” he sighed. Oh! poor little rich old man.

And OAD! That guy has 6/6 tunnel vision that he cannot see anyone else except himself. So self-absorbed, always thinking he’s right. They are examples of what I should NOT become.

H: Are you kidding? I LOVE THEM. They are my two favorite bloggers. They remind me of you, opinionated, obnoxious, honest, and true to self. OMG, you’ve trained me to admire obnoxious people, like Pavlov trained his dogs.

WG: Are you trying to gas-light me into thinking I AM an obnoxious person?! Actually, come to think of it, you’re right. I suppose I’m a bit like them. Hayler or OAD said something that I’ve been saying to others. They said, some bloggers are sanctimonious, claiming they don’t want influence; they blog for passion. But really, if you don’t want influence, go write a diary. Why make the blog public?

And oh, another thing they said. It’s about how power is shifting from traditional food journalists to the people. I recall a Singapore food blogger saying that he hated being called a food blogger because the title is common; anyone who has a camera can be a food blogger. But I thought he was being elitist. Isn’t it the beauty of food blogging? That it’s democratic, that it’s power to the people.

Anyway, who do you detest?

H: The Hong Kong girl is super irritating. I cannot staaaaaand her. She’s so awkward with herself, and it’s apparent she’s like Jon Snow, she knows nothing!

WG: I understand what you mean about her. She’s tentative and slightly mousey. But that’s because she’s a new blogger. We all started out not knowing anything; it’s by eating a lot do we learn what we are eating. 5 years ago, when I first started blogging, I was like her too.

Foodies Film Singapore H: Who is your favorite then?

WG: Obviously, The Skinny Bib (TSB).  Totally my type, fair, small-eyed, and boyish. Into literature too. And when he made those coital moaning sounds when eating, that’s hot. Plus did you see? He is into Singaporeans!!! He hangs out with Singaporeans and you can hear their Singaporean accents in the film! I’m going to stalk him on instagram.

What do you think of Lux Eat?

H: That’s something missing from her segment. The film follows the bloggers into their homes, where they come from, and how they finance themselves. But she didn’t mention how she gets her money.

WG: Well, she’s a former model. And she’s very pretty.

H: But she sat in a private jet!!! She couldn’t have earned that much money. She has been jetsetting to fancy restaurants since 2004. It’s been 11 years. Where does she get the money?

WG: Hm… Ok. I don’t really care for her except she’s cool and speaks Japanese. Highlights of the film?

H: I like how Chef Alvin Leung of Bo Innovation makes his customers eat condoms (see 55sec).


H: Yours?

WG: Actually they are international, influential bloggers that I know and have bookmarked on my browser. So I was very excited to see them onscreen. And, as a food blogger myself, I see myself in each and everyone of them.

H: How are their writing?

WG: Their blogs have a different format from the usual Singapore blog. They don’t really write, write. Like Andy and OAD do compendiums, and LuxEat writes 2 lines for each entry. I like TSB best, more descriptive than the rest. But recently he has switched to comics, which are pretty humorous.

Anyway, another highlight for me was to see the world’s best chefs and their restaurants that I only read about. Ferran Adria, Juan Mari Arzak, Wylie Dufresne… I can’t believe LuxEat gets to sit at the Chef’s Table and Pierre Gagnaire personally cooked for her!!!! I’m so envious.

H: You can do it too! You better start cultivating your philosophy on food, because you’ll be in Foodies II.

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This is an invited viewing.

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