Best Fried Carrot Cake in Singapore: After Eating 58 Plates of Both White & Black

best-carrot-cake-in-singaporeBest carrot cake in Singapore took 5 months to write and is one of the most difficult posts we’ve done because most carrot cake stalls open in the mornings!!! We had to crawl out of bed at 6am on weekends to visit the stalls (because we usually have something on at the later part of mornings).

Furthermore, we had to eat both black and white version from each stall. Unlike bak chor mee or chicken rice, where we could visit 2 or 3 stalls in the vicinity, we could only visit 1 carrot cake stall at a time. That means, instead  of going to the West once or twice from the East, we had to visit 8 times! We spent a lot of time and money  traveling.

Another difficulty is the sheer number of carrot cake we ate. Not funny, man. Eat until we wanna puke. It’s much easier eating 50 plates of chicken rice than 50 plates of carrot cake.

White or black? Savory or sweet? Dry or wet and sticky? Whether it’s black or white, these are the criteria we judge a good carrot cake:

(1) with a thick layer of crispy egg,
(2) lots of cai po to give a crunch,
(3) a little wok hei to take the edge off the sweetness
(4) not starchy,
(5) not nuah but firm, with large chunks of carrot cake to give a good bite. I don’t like carrot cake that is in little bits.

Using these 5 criteria, these are the best carrot cake in Singapore (in ascending order):

#37. Bukit Merah View Carrot Cake 红山景菜头粿
Blk 115 Bukit Merah View #01-37 Bukit Merah View Food Centre Singapore 151115
7am-2pm, 6pm-1am daily

Bukit Merah View Carrot CakeMr Fitness turned into Mr Grumpy when he ate here. And it spoilt his day and he threw tantrums throughout the afternoon. “It’s the worst carrot cake we ate so far. It’s not wok hei, it’s chao ta,” he groused. Indeed it was burnt that the starch had stuck to the teeth. 

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 4 persons in front of me, about 12min
Pros: Good wanton mee here. And nearby: good chicken rice and nasi lemak.
Cons: not long queue but slow. Dirty hawker centre.

#36. Fried Carrot Cake 炒菜头粿
Blk 448 Clementi Ave 3 #01-45 Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre s120448
7am-11am, closed Mon

fried-carrot-cake-clementi-centralWas taken back by the milky taste in both the white and black versions. The white is too sweet, when it should have been savory. And the eggs are runny, instead of crispy. The black is too cloying without dimensions. Both are too nuah.

Price: $3 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 minutes but just 1 person in front of me
Pros: Big servings.
Cons: limited parking. Short hours.

#35. Heng Carrot Cake 
500 Clemenceau Avenue North, Newton Circus Food Centre #01-28 S229495
6pm-1.30am, Closed Tues

Heng Carrot Cake Newton CircusBoth the white and the black are bland; this works for the black one but not the white. The black is less sweet than others, so it’s not jerlat, but there is a lingering bitter aftertaste.

Price: $4 onwards
Waiting Time
: 15 mins
Pros: Central, near public transport and have a big carpark. You order and they deliver to you. Plenty of seats.  Prawns in the white carrot cake.
Cons: I hate using styrofoam plates; Kills the environment.

#34. Golden City Ikan Bilis Carrot Cake 金都炒菜头粿
1 Telok Kurau Road, Terau Coffee 古楼咖啡, Singapore 423756
7am-1pm, closed T
T: +65 6440 4585

golden-city-ikan-bilis-carrot-cake-telok-kurauIt’s a super tiny store, beside “Katong Laksa” stall. The unique feature is that they add ikan bilis (fried anchovies) to the dish. It doesn’t quite work with the black version because it’s sweet and salty—rather strange. The white version tastes better, but somehow the taste of carrot cake and ikan bilis add to become… tea? (Also see Joy Carrot Cake #23.)

Price: $3 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 min
Pros: N.A.
Cons: Limited parking.

#33. Lau Goh Teochew Chye Thow Kway 老吴菜头粿
70 Zion Road, Zion Riverside Food Centre #01-26 Singapore 247792
M-F 10.30am-3.30pm, 6pm-11pm; weekends and PH 8.30am-4pm, 6pm-11pm
T: +65 9674 5483

lau-goh-teochew-chye-thow-kwayThe egg is crispy… but the carrot cake itself is doughy and has a milky sourness. I also didn’t like that they put white pepper, and sweet chilli powder on the white version, which ought to be savory.

Price: $4 onwards.
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Hawker center also houses good wanton mee. Yuan yang available. There are tables even during lunch time.
Cons: No parking.

#32. Changi Village Carrot Cake 樟宜村菜头粿
Blk 2 Changi Village Road, #01-13 Changi Village Market and Food Centre, 500002
7am-7pm daily

changi village carrot cakeI was there at 7am, first in queue, and suddenly many people were behind me. Guess this is a popular stall for regulars and I can see why. It’s a comforting plate and I like how the egg is still white, contrasting the black carrot cake. The sweetness ends with a salty aftertaste. But it is a little starchy, and nuah.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Friendly uncle. Lots of seats. Hawker centre houses good bak chor mee, nasi lemak, and wanton mee.
Cons: No white carrot cake. Hate using styrofoam plates; kills the environment.

#31. Yan Seng Traditional Teochew Kueh 炎成传统潮州粿
Blk 665 Buffalo Road, #01-319 Tekka Market and Food Centre, Singapore 210665

yan-seng-carrot-cakeIt’s a stall selling kuehs, so you may miss the inconspicuous carrot cake. They only do the black. It is too soft, bland, and oily, but the chilli is awesome, like the chilli on top of sambal stingray. The chilli improves the taste of the carrot cake drastically.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 0.
Pros: Good roti prata here too. Friendly auntie and uncle.
Cons: No white version.

#30. Song Han Carrot Cake 松汉菜头粿
137 Tampines Street 11, #01-07 Tampines Round Market and Food Centre, Singapore 521137
M 6.30am-10am, T-Sun 6.30am-1pm

Song Han Carrot CakeAs luck has it, I went on a Tuesday at about 10.30am, and it was closed. The black in the black-and-white version ($3) isn’t very black or sweet but it complements the white counterpart. The shrimps give the dish a savory seafood taste. Even the chilli itself has a hint of peanuty seafood. A rather unique take. (Also see Xiong Kee in the same hawker centre #21.)

Price: $2 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 min.
Pros: There are two famous wanton mee stalls here. Very fast frying . Friendly lady. Yuan-yang is available.
Cons: hard to find tables and parking during peak hours.

#29. Guan Kee Fried Carrot Cake 源记正宗菜头粿
270 Queen Street, #01-59 Albert Centre Food Centre, Singapore 180270
7am-2.30pm, closed Mon
T: +65 6245 3989

guan-kee-fried-carrot-cakeBoth black and white taste milky, which is an acquired taste. The eggs are clumpy, not crispy.

Price: $2 onwards
Waiting Time: 6 persons in front of me, 12 minutes.
Pros: Hawker centre houses good bak chor mee. Cheerful uncle.
Cons: Dirty and crowded hawker centre. Uses styrofoam plates.

#28. Tanglin Halt A1 Carrot Cake
Blk 91 Whampoa Drive, #01-34 Whampoa Drive Makan Place Singapore 320091

tanglin-halt-a1-fried-carrot-cakeThe chilli is very spicy. The white version has a strong garlicky taste, but otherwise bland. The black is better, not too sweet. It’s chopped up to too small pieces but still remains firm.

Price: $3 onwards
Waiting Time: 3 people in front of me, 5 minutes.
Pros: There are a good chicken rice, and good duck rice and popiah stalls in the afternoon in the hawker centre beside this one. Yuan-yang version available.
Cons: Crowded. Hard to find parking.

#27. Good Spice Carrot Cake 好味萝卜糕
41A Cambridge Road #01-20 Pek Kio Market and Food Centre, S211041

good-spice-carrot-cakePrices start from $1.50, making it hard to be picky with the food. The carrot cake is an appetizing sour, which means the black version works better, because the sweet black sauce and the sour carrot cake produce layers of taste. Besides the black sauce tends to caramelize, which gives a crispy texture the white version lacks.

Price: $1.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 minutes
Pros: Very affordable. Lots of tables.
Cons: Limited parking.

#26. Amoy Street Fried Oyster 维通厦门街蚝煎
32 New Market Road, People’s Park Food Centre #01-1136, Singapore 050032
9am-9pm, closed Mon

amoy-street-carrot-cake1 woman overlooking 3 woks: carrot cake, oyster omelette, and fried kway tiao. Not easy to multitask . A standard plate, crispy egg, long strips of carrot cake. Not bad.

Price: $3 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Plenty of seats. Convenient spot.
Cons: use of styrofoam plates. No black version.

#25. Katong Jago Carrot Cake
228 East Coast Road, Seafood Park,  Singapore 428925
6.30am-11am, closed Tue

katong-jago-carrot-cakeIt is ok. The comforting, neighborhood sort of carrot cake. Nothing astounding, nothing amiss.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 min
Pros: They deliver to your table. Friendly uncle.
Cons: Limited parking.

#24. Bee Bee Carrot Cake 美味菜头粿
50A Marine Terrace, Marine Parade Food Centre #01-275, Singapore 441050
T-F 5.30am-11am, Weekends 5.30am-12pm, closed M

bee-bee-carrot-cakeThe carrot cake itself is gooey but the black sauce caramelizes into a crisp. The black version is tasteless, but the white one, which is better, is flavorful. Chilli has deep flavors. A comforting plate.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 minutes
Pros: N.A.
Cons: URGH, stop using styrofoam plates.

#23. Joy Rojak Fried Oyster 双喜啰惹蚝煎
Blk 511 Bishan St 13, Kim San Leng Food Centre, Singapore 570511
7am-11pm daily
T: +65 6353 8406


Other than Golden City Carrot Cake (#34), Joy also adds ikan bilis and peanuts to the carrot cake. I prefer Joy to Golden City because the ikan bilis blends with the carrot cake better. The black version is the generic and monotonously sweet. It’s the white one that is good: crispy, and fragrant.

Price: $3 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Long hours. There is a good chicken rice in the same coffee shop.
Cons: NA

#22. Hup Huat White Carrot Cake 合发白萝卜糕
Blk 105, Hougang Ave 1, Hainanese Village Food Centre #02-35 S530105
6.30am-12.30pm, Closed M & Th

hup-huat-white-carrot-cake-hougangA lot of egg but not enough cai por. Firm and crispy. Chilli fiery with an appetitizing zest.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 0 (I kiasu, was there before they opened)
Pros: Good bak chor mee and nasi lemak here too. Many tables.
Cons: No black version. Limited parking.

#21. Xiong Kee Famous Carrot Cake 雄记
137 Tampines Street 11, #01-29 Tampines Round Market and Food Centre, Singapore 521137
7am – 2pm, Closed on Mon
T: +65 9049 6345

Xiong Kee Famous Carrot CakeAs luck has it, I went on a Tuesday at about 10.30am, and it was closed. As compared to Song Han (#30) in the same hawker centre, Xiong Kee is more conventional. The black one is a little too mushy but it tastes balanced and delicious, not overly sweet. The white is too bland but there is lots of egg and it’s crispy. The chilli is pure puree, got a kick.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 mins
Pros: There are two famous wanton mee stalls here. Fast frying.
Cons: hard to find tables and parking during peak hours.

#20. 618 Sim Carrot Cake
Blk 618 Yishun Ring Road, Food Lane 好食坊 #01-3232, Singapore 760618
W-M 6.30am-3pm, Closed Tue

618 Sim Carrot CakeThey didn’t have black carrot cake when I was there. The cai po was placed on the side, which was nice. Crispy egg. Overall, quite comforting.

Price: $2.80/ $3.80
Waiting Time: 3 mins
Pros: They deliver to your seat. Affordable. Large portion.
Cons: No black carrot cake. Inaccesible.

#19. Boon Lay Fried Carrot Cake & Kway Teow Mee 文礼炒菜头粿 粿条面
221A/B Boon Lay Place #01-125 Boon Lay Place Food Village s642221

Boon Lay Fried Carrot CakeIt was closed the first time we went on a weekday noon and we had to go all the way to Boon Lay again. You can really taste the radish and the chilli is power. This is the quintessential neighborhood style. Very comforting.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Other famous stalls nearby include nasi lemak, and prata. Offers yuan yang. Plenty of tables.
Cons: very far. Limited parking.

#18. 493 菜头粿
493 Jurong West St 41 大和园餐室 Tahoe Garden Eating House Singapore 640493

493 carrot cakeWent on a weekday noon but it was closed. Wah, the West is very far you know. On the second time we visited, the white version isn’t as good as the black but both are firm with wok hei with a sweet nasi-lemak-like chilli.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Good nasi lemak nearby. Plenty of tables.
Cons: very far. Limited parking.

#17. Bee Kee Fried Carrot Cake  美记炒粿
Blk 69 Geylang Bahru, Geylang Bahru Food Centre #01-2759 s330069
7am-2pm, closed M

bee-kee-fried-carrot-cakeMy lips are moisturized from the grease. But this is a comforting, quintessential neighborhood plate of carrot cake. The white version is better than the black; in firmer chunks with tastier, eggier wok hei.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: They deliver to your table. Polite.
Cons: limited parking. Dirty tables. And if you’re driving, lots of old people jay walking. I can’t wait to live an age where I think I’m immortal.

#16. Song Zhou Luo Bo Gao 松洲萝卜糕
Blk 208B New Upper Changi Road, Bedok Town Centre Food Centre #01-37 S462208
T: +65 9684 3555
6.30am-8pm, closed Sun

song-zhou-carrot-cake-bedokWhen I was there, it was a young handsome boy who was frying, which may account for the drop in standard (usually it’s an old man or an auntie). Both the white and black versions come piping hot, the hottest carrot cake among all. The white one cannot make it, but the black one is mildly sweet, but too wet and greasy. Tastewise it isn’t too bad.

Price: $2.50 onwards. Add prawns $4.
Waiting Time: 5 min. 2 persons in front of me. Then a queue quickly formed behind me.
Pros: There is a good wanton mee nearby. Many tables. Friendly lady serving. Cute guy frying.
Cons: They allow regulars to cut queue.

#15. Lee Ta Fried Carrot Cake 利达萝卜糕
Blk 210 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh, #01-67 Lorong 8 Toa Payoh Market and Food Centre, 310210

Lee Ta Carrot Cake Toa Payoh Lor 8Here is how it tastes like: super, super lardy, almost like char kway teow, which mellows into the sweetness of the black sauce, and then nothing. Just a void. Bland suddenly. It has a very sour chilli, which is nice. I feel like this carrot cake should score higher, but the grumpy aunty at this stall marred my early morn.

Price: $2 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Hawker center also houses good bak chor mee.
Cons: Hard to access. Grumpy aunty. No white carrot cake. Dirty hawker centre with old uncles smoking. Is smoking legal at a hawker centre?

#14. Lim Hai Sheng Cooked Food 林海盛熟食
Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Market & Food Centre #01-09 S560724
8am-8pm daily
T: +65 9003 5259
Branch outlets: Bendemeer Food Centre, Chong Boon Market & Food Centre, Blk 216 Bedok North Street 1 Food Centre

Oops, forgot to take photo. So shocked to receive a plate 10seconds after ordering, because everything was already fried, just waiting on the hot pan. But wow. The eggs were so crispy, and so gao. More cai po would be better. Chilli was overpoweringly spicy. Their accolades hanging everywhere on the stall are well-deserved.

Price: $2/ $3/ $4
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Long hours. Plenty of seats. Hawker center houses good bak chor mee, and wanton mee.
Cons: Already fried. No black carrot cake. Too many outlets, boss cannot quality-control the products.

#13. He Zhong Carrot Cake 合眾菜頭粿 
51 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre #02-185 S588215
Daily 7am to 10pm
T: +65 6468 5398

he-zhong-carrot-cake-bukit-timah-food-centreIn the same hawker centre, He Zhong and Seng Kee (#11) are very similar. They take the “cake” in “carrot cake” literally, so each block looks like a cake. Both are coated with very crispy egg. And they serve white carrot cake only. Ingredients wise, Seng Kee is eggier, has more cai por, and the carrot cake itself is savory, thus it has a fuller and more satisfying taste than He Zhong. But He Zhong has better frying skills–the egg inside the cake is still runny!!–and the chilli has a delicious fish-sauce taste. With chilli, He Zhong is better, but without chilli, Seng Kee is better. Both stalls have supporters, judging from the equal queue. Personally, I prefer Seng Kee, but to be pragmatic, just go for the shorter queue.

Price: $2 onwards
Waiting Time: 0 (went when they opened, but a queue formed behind me quickly.)
Pros: Good chicken rice at the hawker centre. Plenty of seats.
Cons: Not enough parking. Serves white carrot cake only.

#12. Yuan Cheng Fried Carrot Cake 源成菜头粿
Blk 79 Telok Blangah Drive #01-33 Telok Blangah Food Centre S100079
T: +65 9859 3031

Yuan Cheng Fried Carrot CakeWhat is good here is the black version. The white one is bland, and slightly burnt. The black one is intensely sweet—so if you are the kind who like sweet carrot cake, this is it—and very crispy, which is balanced by the sour chilli.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 minutes (there was only a guy in front of me. They work slowly.)
Pros: Good wanton mee and curry rice here. No pork, no lard, and I saw a Malay boy buying from them. Offers yuan-yang version at $3. Friendly.
Cons: Works slowly.

#11. Seng Kee Carrot Cake 成记菜头粿
51 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Bukit Timah Market and Food Centre #02-182 S588215
7.30am-11pm, closed Th

seng-kee-carrot-cake-bukit-timah-hawker-centreIn the same hawker centre, He Zhong (#13) and Seng Kee are very similar. They take the “cake” in “carrot cake” literally, so each block looks like a cake. Both are coated with very crispy egg. And they serve white carrot cake only. Ingredients wise, Seng Kee is eggier, has more cai por, and the carrot cake itself is savory, thus it has a fuller and more satisfying taste than He Zhong. But He Zhong has better frying skills–the egg inside the cake is still runny!!–and the chilli has a delicious fish-sauce taste. With chilli, He Zhong is better, but without chilli, Seng Kee is better. Both stalls have supporters, judging from the equal queue. Personally, I prefer Seng Kee, but to be pragmatic, just go for the shorter queue.

Price: $2 onwards
Waiting Time: 0 (went when they opened, but a queue formed behind me quickly.)
Pros: Good chicken rice at the hawker centre. Plenty of seats.
Cons: Not enough parking. Serves white carrot cake only.

#10. Hua Li Fried Carrot Cake 华利妙菜头粿
Blk 4A Woodlands Centre Road, Woodlands Centre Road Food Centre #02-34 S731004
9am-7pm, closed Tue

hua-li-fried-carrot-cakeI’ve not been this far to eat before. 300 more metres, and you’d reach the customs between Singapore and Malaysia. But it’s worth it. The black version is better than average, although it is monotonously sweet and mushy, and could be chunkier. It’s the white one that is fantastic. I guess he uses the same pan for oyster omelette because the carrot cake has the fragrance of oysters. There are shreds of carrots to heighten the sweetness, which balances the bitterness of wok hei.

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: many seats. They deliver to your table. Polite owners.
Cons: very far.

#9. Tiong Bahru Kampong Carrot Cake 驰名中峇鲁家乡菜头粿
Blk 30 Seng Poh Road, #02-53 Tiong Bahru Hawker Centre, 168898
T: +65 90046442/ +65 9187 5572
T-Sun 7am–11pm, M 7am–3pm

tiong-bahru-kampong-carrot-cakeProbably the best chilli, very sourish, which is how I like it. The texture of the carrot cake is similar to Fu Ming (#1), mochi-like but slightly harder. However, Tiong Bahru cuts it in bigger chunks, which make it strange. The black version is weird because I keep tasting mung beans. The white one is excellent with wok hei, very savory.

Price: $3 onwards
Waiting Time: 5 minutes.
Pros: There is a good bak chor mee across the hawker centre. Within the center, there are good chicken rice and wanton mee. Plenty of seats.
Cons: NA.

#8. Xin Ji Fried Carrot Cake 鑫记菜头粿
Blk 22 Toa Payoh Lorong 7 #01-60, Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre S 310022
9am-2pm, closed W and Th

xin-ji-fried-carrot-cakeWent the second time before I could taste it but it was worth it. Both the white and black versions are drier than usual. There is wok hei, but the integrity of the radish remains; you can taste real radish in the firm chunks. It’s eggy and crispy. The white version is better than the black because the sweet black sauce might clash with the wok hei.

Price: $3 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: plenty seats
Cons: Far

#7. Stall 36 Chomp Chomp Carrot Cake 菜頭粿
20 Kensington Park Road, Chomp Chomp Food Centre Stall 36, S557269
5.30pm-midnight, closed alternate Tues

Stall 36 Chomp ChompWOK HEI. The black version was damp, not wet, so the egg remained crispy. It wasn’t too sweet. The white one was nice too, but too sparse with cai por. Both of them went well with the chilli, which was sourish and wasn’t too spicy.

Price: $3/$5
Waiting Time: 5 min
Pros: They deliver to your seat. Hawker center houses good wanton mee.
Cons: No seats. Hard to find parking.

#6. Lagoon Carrot Cake 人工湖萝卜糕
1220 East Coast Parkway #01-40 East Coast Lagoon Food Village s468960

lagoon-carrot-cake-east-coastVery, very delicious. Comes in big, firm pieces, with wok hei. The prawns imbue the carrot cake a seafood sweetness, making it more complex. It’s also nice that they take effort to plate the prawns, and sprinkle the green onions evenly.

Price: $6 onwards (with prawns)
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: There is a famous wanton mee stall here too. Options of yuan yang.
Cons: Can’t find parking.

#5. Le Yi Shi Fried Carrot Cake 乐意食菜头粿
93 Toa Payoh Lorong 4, #01-38 Toa Payoh Lorong 4 Hawker Centre, 310093
5am-1.30pm. Closed Mon

Le Yi Shi Carrot Cake toa payoh lorong 4They come in huge crispy rectangular chunky bâtons that have a sourish taste which I like a lot. They also add lots of garlic, so no kissing after the meal. The white version is savory, and layered. The black is equally superb, with a mild sweetness adding depth.

Price: $2.50/$3
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Polite uncle. Hawker centre houses good wanton mee.
Cons: Dirty hawker centre.

#4. 85 Bedok North Fried Oyster 
Blk 85 Bedok North St 4 #01-10 Fengshan Market & Food Centre Singapore 460085
4pm-2am daily

85 Bedok North Fried OysterThere are many shops named Bedok North Fried Oyster. This is at 01-10, the big yellow sign. And it is awesome. It comes in big firm chunks and tasted complex. The white version has done the eggs just right, browning golden. The black is better with a mild pleasant sweetness.

Price: $2.
Waiting Time: 5 min
Pros: There are other famous stalls in the hawker centre. You order, tell them your table number, they deliver .
Cons: limited parking

#3. Ke Shuan Xing Fried Carrot Cake 柯双兴菜头粿
861 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Road Market and Hawker Centre #01-104, Singapore 198783
6am – 6 pm, closed Mon

ke-shuan-xing-fried-carrot-cakeBoth black and white versions are fantastic: chunky pieces of cake. The black sauce has caramelized on the surface, giving a crusty bite, but the sweetness doesn’t penetrate into the cake, so there is a layered taste. One of the best white version: very tasty with a fragrance (of hae bee?).

Price: $2 onwards.
Waiting Time: 10 minutes (but I went at 6.20am, 5 people in front of me.)
Pros: Hawker centre houses good wanton mee.
Cons: small portions. Small carpark.

#2. Ghim Moh Carrot Cake
6 Jalan Bukit Merah, ABC Brickworks #01-140 Singapore 150006
Early morning-9pm, closed Mon

ghim-moh-carrot-cakeThe boss wasn’t in yet, the boy informed me, and he only knew how to fry the black version. The boy’s black version is surprisingly delicious. The cubes are even and firm. Some parts are caramelized, giving a crusty, bittersweet bite. The boy has talent!

Price: $2.50 onwards
Waiting Time:
Pros: Good bak chor mee here. plenty of seats. Polite boy.
Cons: n.a.

#1. Fu Ming Carrot Cake 福明熟食
Blk 85 Redhill Lane #01-49 Redhill Food Centre Singapore 150085
M-Sat 3pm-1am, Sun 6am-1am, closed th
T: +65 9641 0565, +65 6475 8653

Fu Ming Carrot CakeMagic. Got wok hei. Glistens in the light like diamonds. Portions are tiny but big on taste. Amazing almost mochi-like ductility. The sweet black version tastes a little like very good hor fun.

Price: $2 onwards
Waiting Time: 0
Pros: Other famous stalls in the hawker centre include chicken rice, wanton mee, and roti prata.
Cons: Smallest portions ever, I think uncle is rationing for zombie apocalypse, so he can feed human survivors.

Best White Carrot Cake in Singapore (Alphabetical Order)

Hua Li (Woodlands)
Ke Shuan Xing (North Bridge Road)
Lagoon Carrot Cake (East Coast Park)
Tiong Bahru Kampong Carrot Cake (Tiong Bahru)
Xin Ji (Toa Payoh Lor 7)

Best Black Carrot Cake in Singapore (Alphabetical Order)

85 Bedok North Fried Oyster (Bedok)
Chomp Chomp Stall 36 (Serangoon Gardens)
Fu Ming (Redhill)
Ghim Moh (Jalan Bukit Merah)
Le Yi Shi (Toa Payoh)

Best Carrot Cake in Singapore (Overall)

#1. Fu Ming (Redhill)
#2. Ghim Moh Carrot Cake (ABC Brickworks)
#3. Ke Shuan Xing (North Bridge Rd)
#4. 85 Bedok North Fried Oyster (Fengshan Market)
#5. Le Yi Shi Fried Carrot Cake (Toa Payoh Lor 4)
#6. Lagoon Carrot Cake (East Coast)
#7. Stall 36 Chomp Chomp Carrot Cake (Chomp Chomp)
#8. Xin Ji Fried Carrot Cake (Kim Keat Palm Market)
#9. Tiong Bahru Kampong Carrot Cake (Tiong Bahru)
#10. Hua Li Fried Carrot Cake (Woodlands)

best-carrot-cake-in-singaporeFor your convenience, I’ve created a map: Best Carrot Cake in Singapore. The color codes:
Red: Breakfast only
Blue: Breakfast & Lunch
Lavender: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Yellow: Lunch & Dinner
Black: Dinner only
Gray: Dinner & Supper
White: Unknown opening hours

NOTE: I visited these stalls twice or thrice on different days at different times but they were closed. I’ve too many things to do to visit them the 3rd/4th time but it’s nice that hawkers have work-life balance. The stalls are Delicious Fried Carrot Cake (Redhill Market), Lee Kee (Bukit Merah Central Food Center), Hai Kee Cooked Food (Cheng San Market), Ang Mo Kio 107 Carrot Cake (Blk 107 AMK Ave 4) and Chey Sua Carrot Cake (Toa Payoh West Market and Food Centre). 

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  1. I love, love, love carrot cake! Both the black and white versions. Thanks for compiling the list! So much hard work!

    Will check out your favourites soon.

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    • When we went, there was a notice outside his stall that it was closed for two weeks. And since we don’t want to delay the article any longer—already took 5 months with it!—we skipped it. What a pity for us! We’re so suay.


  2. Hai Kee Cooked Food (Cheng San Market), the market was closed for the whole of December for reno. It should be opened again, they do only morning business, 7-11/12ish. A pity you didn’t manage to catch them. They are kind of in semi-retired mode for now so it’s hard to catch them sometimes. Their kids don’t want them cook anymore but they still enjoy what they do. You should try them once before they retire for good!haha


    • I went twice! Tue morning at 9.30am and they were closing already. Thur morning at 8am, and they weren’t opened. They only open from 7.30am-9am, 1.5 hours, and they close when “they cannot wake up in time” (the uncle told me), so it’s really hard to catch them. I’m suay but it’s good they are working for leisure. They seem very nice people.


  3. Wah! Why you didn’t go to the one at the coffee shop next to the bus interchange leh… so near to the Kim San Leng that u tried but Fooyoh… the portion is fantastic and the taste is great! Really you gotta try that one out. The hawker is always so busy until he has to eat his dinner after closing shop at 10pm!

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  4. There is a carrot cake stall at Block 181 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 Coffee Sense kopitiam. I grew up eating it and i can never find another shop that can recreate the taste. The uncle and auntie at the stall have been in business for more than 20 years, and they sell hokkien mee, char kway teow, and orh lua too. Personally, i prefer their white carrot cake to the black. The egg is crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. The cake itself has texture, and is not too nua, yet soft enough. The taste of the cai po is just enough to give the carrot cake a savoury taste, yet not too overpowering. If you have the chance, can try their other dishes as well. I won’t say that they are the best, because everyone’s palate is different. But for me, i’d rate them the best in Singapore i’ve eaten thus far. They are closed on Tuesday if i remember correctly.

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  5. First of all. Great hard work. Great tips. But The way u critic the food. just describing the surrounding and ambience. and the overall look. U think we know how tasty. Every comment is pretty much the same. Do elaborate more. Thanks..my 2cents.


  6. How can you miss out the famous Qing San Carrot cake at Toa Payoh Lor 1 market?
    They are so famous and every years was invited to cook at the Singapore Day at New York or London or Shanghai yearly.
    Only white version and Tel number is 6254-6323


    • went there 3 times by public transport. Took to Braddell MRT and walked 3 times. Tue 11am, Wed 9am, and Sat 7am. They are always closed. I don’t want to go back a 4th time. I adopt a pragmatic approach to food: if it’s always not available, I shouldn’t waste my time going back. Anyway, I had them in New York before.


      • I agree. Chey Sua carrot cake from TPY Lor 4 is top notch. Can’t be missing from your list! They r not open sometimes on tues/ weds. I learn my lesson not to go on these days.


  7. Have eaten many of the fried carrot cakes listed here, including the top 3 (overall). Agree that these top 3 are good. But, my personal favourite is an un-discovered gem at Taman Jurong Food Centre – Lim Kee, #02-105 (Opens daily from 6am to 12pm). The white-haired aunty is one of the earliest street hawkers relocated to the defunt Corporation Drive Food Centre; a true heritage hawker. Her black carrot cake is a fine balance of savoury-sweetness with good wok hei. Lots of yummy charred crispy bits. Lim Kee is an excellent choice for lovers of sweet black carrot cake.

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  8. Bro you did it again…:)

    If you still have room for carrot cake, go try Pipit Road food market. The black one is by one old man with attitude (after you get to know him, you will find he alright…:p). his black version is by far the best. Like his irregular shape of his carrot cake. White so so only. Just behind his stall, there is a lady who is good at white version, though some think is just egg omelette cause she put a lot. her black version is so so only…:)

    Hougang St 21 Blk 209 market. The black one fried by auntie with help from his brother is also good. I have to say I am biased because I used to ate his dad carrot cake since young in Geylang. Her white version is so so. At the same place, there is a guy frying white version. His younger brother used to sell fried carrot cake also but always changing stall ( I think he owe money). used to sell at Sims Drive, Ubi, etc. Now I cannot find him but his brother at Hougang one tasted good also, though not as good as his younger brother…

    Again thks for the nice post and appreciate your effort. We benefited by saving our money and stomach space…:)

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  9. Try these 2. Hougang Ave 5 Blk 327. Only in the mornings. Hougang green (near blk 571/2 Hougang St 51) the coffee shop sandwiched between arnold’s chicken and watson. My comfort food fried carrot cake.

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  10. Hi there, I’m food blogger too and I am thinking of creating a Facebook group that connects food bloggers from all over the world to share their blogging and food experiences. Would you be keen to participate? Hope to hear from you soon!


  11. Hey Nathanael Ho – Thanks for the exhaustive list of carrot cakes. I did knot they were many cakes of this type, but you have definitely worked hard to get this list this far. Well done. I am a huge of carrots and look at the exotic types like black carrots. I have had plenty of carrot cakes and I can tell that I should learn more from you.

    By the way, here is the link to my black carrot cake if you are interested. It is at the end of the article. Forget all about the benefits of carrots etc. Go straight to the end and enjoy baking it. I hope to see my recipe here on your long but fantastic list with a little twist from you to make it even more exotic. That’s a challenge for you ;)


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  12. omg nice list!!! haha “glistening diamonds”, “zombie apocalypse”, tried their $2 portion before, really is appetiser portion, but nice!

    sadly the white carrot cake i grew up eating can no longer be found…think they retired…
    the uncle fries his white carrot cake with shredded carrots in it
    used to be located at the kovan food centre think around 5-7 years ago?
    anyone have any idea whether he might have relocated or retired entirely?

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  13. Came across your blog at random, as I’m currently planning my next eating holiday in Singapore (late July/early August this year) and carrot cake has been a favourite of mine since I first started coming over in the 1990s. Ke Shuang Xing at NBR was the one carrot cake that I always went back to at least twice every holiday and it broke my heart when I found out that the uncle who used to cook it had retired. The stall is still open but now doing laksa, so I guess Fu Ming will have to be given a go.

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