PERMANENTLY CLOSED: Smoothie House, Westgate: CNN’s “MUST-TRY” Dessert in Taiwan Now in Singapore!

smoothie-house-singapore-reviewThe world-renowned Smoothie House 思慕昔, which sells more than a million bowls world-wide, has arrived in Singapore! The flagship store is at Westgate, with two outlets in Green Dot restaurants at Paya Lebar Square and One Raffles Place. There will also be further outlets opening at Star Vista, Serangoon Nex and Bedok Mall within the next few months – bringing the refreshing desserts closer to you. Smoothie House’s desserts are highly regarded by the CNN, which considers the brand’s desserts a “Must-Try.”

smoothie-house-westgate-priceTo ensure that the quality is the same as Taiwan’s, ice blocks are imported directly from Taiwan. These ice blocks are infused with fresh fruit juices, not juice concentrates. They are shaved layer by layer, each bowl taking 8-10 minutes to prepare. Compared to the other Chinese dessert shops like Ji De Chi and Mei Heong Yuan, the shaved ice at Smoothie House is palpably smoother. Maybe they should rename themselves Smoother House!

Furthermore, the staff who prepare the desserts are sent to Taiwan for training. For instance, they even have to learn how to cut mangoes properly so that each cube is of similar size, roughly 1.5cm-2cm. The fruits are freshly cut daily to ensure freshness and quality.

smoothie-house-paya-lebar-squareThe desserts come in three sizes (healthy, sharing, and family size), ranging from $7.90 to $15.90. The best-seller, Mango Snowflake Ice, comes with huge chunks of mangoes, topped with panna cotta. The Tie Guan Yin Milky Snowflake Ice (above) is a must-try! It’s a re-interpretation of the bubble tea; it comes with freshly cooked pearls and tie guan yin jelly, thick with the tea flavor.

The Yoghurt-Berry Snowflake Ice (below) offers an experience that contrasts the sweet mango ice and the refreshing tie guan yin ice. It is topped with fresh bananas, strawberries, and blueberries, and is drizzled with a mulberry sauce. It’s healthy, loaded with antioxidants, and slightly sourish – an excellent after-meal dessert. They also serve meat-free burgers, starting from $10.90.
smoothie-house-one-raffles-placeThe difference between Smoothie House and other Chinese dessert shops is that Smoothie House serves desserts of a better quality and wider range. Unlike other shops, the desserts here are not solely fruit-based; hints of innovation can be found in each refreshing flavour. Not to mention, it’s really fun to eat.

Smoothie House Singapore
3 Gateway Dr, Westgate Mall #01-08, Singapore 608532
T: +65 6710 5567
11am-10pm daily

Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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