Singapore Food Blogger of the Month: National Sprinter Lim Yao Peng’s “Lepak With Yaops”

Every month, we feature a Singapore food blog or instagram: (1) to cultivate goodwill and camaraderie among the online community; (2) to encourage more people to blog and instagram about food; and (3) to empower bloggers and instagrammers through an insight and understanding to their lives.

lim-yao-pengI stumbled upon Lepak with Yaops as I was researching for my best hawker food series. He has written on some popular but little-blogged-about hawker stalls, providing valuable information. Since I’ve been following him for some time, I thought it is time to say hi to him and get to know him better.

Besides blogging at Lepak with Yaops, he has a food instagram account at @lepakwithyaops and a personal one, documenting his training, at @_yaops_.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

My full name is Lim Yao Peng and I’m 27 this year. I’m a sprinter with the National squad and have a coaching business providing Speed and Strength services. I’m very much an active person since young, and a Christian, and I believe that sports is a microcosm of life. I like to roller blade and go for fishing trips during my free time. Food blogging is very much an interest that lies outside of the realm of sports.

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Rise and shine!

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You are a national sprinter who represented Singapore in the SEA Games in 2011. During your training, do you have restrictions on the food intake? Can you share what you eat in a day during training?

I do not have a fixed diet, but I am careful with my food. Using a point to illustrate, given one serving of minced to a fried chicken thigh, I will go for the chicken thigh as it has less preservatives. Having said that, I don’t usually go crazy with oily food or super sweet stuff too often. It’s not so much about body weight but more of performance level, especially when it comes to competition period.

From your personal instagram account, it seems that you’re into bodybuilding these days. Bodybuilders keep a strict low-fat, high-protein diet. How do you balance your cafe-hopping and your bodybuilding?

I’m never into bodybuilding and don’t have the interest for this activity, thus I can’t comment much about the diet for this sport. However, I strongly believe that “Energy In < Energy Out” is the first step to keep one’s weight in check. Next, it depends on the type of food that we put into our bodies. For example, there are many types of carbs, thus it is important to know what and how much to consume .

Your blog mainly reviews cafes and hawkers. Why is that?

I guess as a Singaporean, hawker food is in our blood! To me, food should be affordable and tasty. Fancy stuff and ambience are nice to have, but it isn’t my main consideration when it comes to eating. Having said that, the place has to be comfortable at least! Being comfortable is the origin of the blog name; “Lepak” is a local term which means giving off a chill vibe. In essence, I blog on what I eat and not where I want to eat, and will like to share with people about my food journey.

As for cafes, coffee is the main reason why I visit them and cafes are comfortable for chats!

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Too good! #lepakwithyaops #buttercoffee

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What are your favorite eateries (a) in Singapore and (b) around the world?

It’s easier to answer by the type of food: Pizza, burgers, fries and satay!

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Written by  and Lim Yao Peng. Photo credit: Lim Yao Peng.


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