Kra Pow, Far East: Popular Thai Restaurant Moved, Expanded, and Added More Dishes

Kra Pow, a popular Thai restaurant at Far East Plaza, was a hole in the wall but it was so popular so quickly that it moved a few doors away from its original spot to a much bigger space. With the bigger space, they updated the decor and it was bright, contemporary, classy, and comfortable.

In addition, they have also increased their dishes. Initially, they only serve one-meal noodles or rice bowls like fried rice or beef soup noodles. But now they add sharing, communal dishes such as whole seabass, which they can steam, or deep fry, or topped with Thai sauce at $39.90. They also have crying tiger ($15.80), grilled beef knuckle so spicy it makes a tiger cry. I’ve tried this dish at Siam Society and I dare not order it again.

When we were there, we noticed that chefs were speaking Thai in the kitchen. And the food was fantastic. Great for this price.

For carbs, the Thai beef fried rice ($7.90) is nice. A good smoky wok hei with a generous serving of tender and chewy beef. While Mr Fitness prefers the fried rice, I like the pad see ew beef ($8.90+ $1 for sunny side-up) which is really just stir-fried beef hor fun (broad rice noodles). It’s oily enough so that the noodles don’t stick together but it isn’t greasy so you can eat a lot of it. It has just a touch of soy sauce, which undercuts the oil.

Chiobu thinks the spice level of the red tom yum seafood ($7.90) is just ok but I find very spicy. Although spicy (to me), it is also quite complex: a sweetness first which mellows down to a salty spiciness. Quite good.

We expected the Thai prawn omelette ($12.90) to be the deep-fried Thai style but it isn’t; it is just a normal omelette. While the price point is rather weird (because it is more expensive than meat dishes), it’s quite tasty. If you don’t mind the price, it’s delicious.

Thais do great pork dishes. The deep-fried pork belly ($10.90) is wonderful, tender and crispy without being oily. Although Mr Fitness said that the braised pork leg ($16.90) is just so-so, I like the it because it tasted light and not gamy. The price is also good.

A must-order here is the red and green ruby ($5.90, two persons can share). It’s really very simple: just rubies with coconut ice. But the ice here is like those Korean bingsu ice, so fine and powdery like snow. It is expensive but I highly recommend it and I think it is worth the price.

Including a iced Thai milk tea ($3.90), a lemongrass ($3.90), and a takeaway packet of Thai beef fried rice ($7.90 + $1 extra rice + $3 extra beef) for my dad who finished the enormous portion, we paid $98 for three persons + 1 takeaway packet. Of course, we over-ordered and overate so a more reasonable estimate would be about $20 per pax.

On the whole, this restaurant is wonderful. We love everything here from the delicious food to the decor. Definitely will be back for more. Highly recommended.


Kra Pow Thai Restaurant
Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road #03-26/27 Singapore 228213
tel: +65 6734 1946

Food: 7.25/10
Value/price: 6.75/10
Service: NA (order at counter and collect when your beeper rings)
Decor: 7/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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