CLOSED PERMANENTLY: HE Bistro & Bar, Duxton: Playful Singaporean Fusion Cuisine with Fun Cocktails

New kid in the hip Duxton neighbourhood, HE Bistro & Bar (pronounced as 喝, as in lim jiu) serves original playful Singaporean fusion cuisine and fun cocktails in a contemporary setting.

Cocktails first: POP That Berry ($20), a reinvention of sangria, consists of red wine and homemade popsicle packed with abundant antioxidants (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and cranberry juice). This cocktail is fun as you get to enjoy a popsicle but be mindful not gorge on it, or you will be left with red wine, not a concoction of both. The Dragon Mojito ($20) is a mojito topped with diced dragonfruit. It looks appealing and is refreshing with dragonfruit in every sip. Both are a little pricey at $20, but if we had to choose one, go for the dragon mojito.

Going well with alcohol, Mar Mar Baguette (6 pieces, $10), mozzarella cheese toast with marmite dip, is similar to deep-fried stuffed youtiao from tze char stall in terms of texture. Coupled with the old school savoury marmite dip, the dish is an ideal side for drink.

Kopi ribeye steak ($30) is the best dish we had that night. It is drenched in rich and aromatic coffee flavoured sauce, and the piquant kopi-O-gao taste permeates every bite. The steak is nicely grilled; tender and succulent.

Har cheong gai 鸡-ken cutlet ($22, prawn-paste chicken), despite its punny name, is a dish that is familiar to our Singaporean tastebud. Instead of the usual chicken wing, they use decent size boneless chicken drumstick. It is okay but the batter is slightly thick.

We are pleasantly surprised by the prawn bisque mac & cheese ($20). Unlike the cheesy (usually jerlat) mac and cheese, the combination of mac and cheese baked in prawn stock works well. Under the layer of melted cheese and five prawns, the macaroni is light and flavourful. We easily finished the entire bowl without much cheese-fatigue.

Unfortunately, dessert were not available when we visited. For those who enjoy a sweet ending after a meal, you may have to look elsewhere. Nonetheless, dessert are aplenty in the area and we recommend Mad About Sucre which is just a short stroll away.

On the whole, they serve decent Singaporean fusion food. There is no GST although 10% service charge applies. One thing worth mentioning: they serve affordable $10 lunch set which includes a main, a soup and a drink.

HE Bistro & Bar
57 Duxton Road Singapore 089521
tel: +65 6260 1088
Lunch M-F 11am-2.30pm; Dinner M-Th 5pm-1am, F & Sat 5pm-2am, closed Sun

Food: 6.25/10
Price: 6/10
Ambience: 6/10

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Written by William Leong. He was raised with the notion that food wastage is abominable. Please don’t be alarmed if you see him gorging until plates are sparkling clean; it is just his reflex action. 

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