Burger and Lobster, Raffles Hotel: We Wanted Something Luxurious After CB

Burger and Lobster Raffles Hotel

Burger and Lobster, which started at an Irish pub in Mayfair in 2011, has two outlets in Singapore: Raffles Hotel and Jewel Changi Airport. The founders—4 classmates—just wanted to concentrate on two dishes: prime burgers, made from Nebraskan family-farmed beef, and wild, fresh Atlantic lobsters.

The design of the Raffles Hotel restaurant signals its target audience: young people. Club music was playing in the background and neon blue lights flashing. But what was funny was the crowd wasn’t a bunch of young hipsters. Many people came here with their family, small children and grandparents. There were many old folks who came in groups. A few young couples.

Combo for 2 ($115): 1.5lb lobster, choice of 2 burgers and/or lobster rolls, 2 sides, and 2 non-alcoholic beverages.

The prices are reasonable. Starters range from $12 to $20, including lobster mac and cheese ($17), lobster nuggets ($18), and lobster rosti ($18). The burgers start from $14 to $23 and lobster rolls $20 to $28. Half a lobster for $30.

There are also set meals: combo for 2 ($115), combo for 4 ($165), and combo for 6 ($272).

Grilled lobster

The Combo for 2 ($115++) consists of one 1.5lb (680g) lobster, a choice of 2 mains (burgers / lobster rolls), a choice of two sides, and two non-alcoholic beverages.

For the lobster, you can have it steamed or grilled. You can have it half and half, but I recommend the grill. It gives a deeper, smokey flavour to the crustacean that steaming just won’t do. It comes with a delicious lemon garlic butter, I dunked everything in this. Lobster, lobster roll, fries. There is just something so luxurious to eat whole lobster.

California lobster roll ($20)

You also have a choice of 2 mains, burgers and/or lobster rolls.

Firstly, I am CHEAP. You can only pick from $14 burgers whereas the lobster rolls start from $20. It’s more worth it to get two lobster rolls for the combo set.

Secondly, I didn’t come to a lobster joint to get burgers, ubiquitous.

If you’re cheap like me, you would get two Original lobster rolls ($28 a la carte).  But my partner isn’t cheap, so he got the California lobster roll ($20 a la carte).

Original lobster roll: chunks of chilled lobster meat tossed in lemon mayo, in an envelope of toasted brioche roll. It’s nice, light and breezy, like something you would eat on a beach. If this is a FB status, it wouldn’t be “it’s complicated.”

California lobster roll: This is the flavours of California maki roll with avocado, cucumber, and lime. It’s quite an interesting take on California maki roll, but I might as eat the real thing instead of an imitation.

Garlic spinach

For the sides (all priced at $7 if you order them a la carte), we opted for truffles fries and garlic spinach. The spinach has a unique texture, crunchy, and we wondered how they cook it. Maybe blanched and then deep-fried?

Truffle fries

We paid $135 for two persons. It’s a nice place and we were contented with all facets of the experience: service, food, decor, and price. It’s a restaurant we would return should we have another bout of lobster craving.


Burger and Lobster
328 North Bridge Road, Raffles Hotel, Singapore 188719
t: +65 69 716 127
11am – 9.30pm daily
Other Outlet: Jewel Changi Airport

Food: 6.5/10
Price: 7/10
Decor/ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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