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[UPDATED: 29.08.2022] Singapore Mooncakes 2022 That Moove with the Times

What are some of the greatest concerns of our times? The environment and health and balancing tradition with progress. And these 2022 mooncakes are on point to combine our modern concerns with flavours.

1. Mdm Ling Mooncakes

Mooncake boxes are often discarded, creating enormous waste and damage to the environment. But Mdm Ling, which started their empire through their famous tau sah baos and then their CNY cookies, has liaised with Monopoly board game to create a mooncake box that is also a game board! Each set which includes 4 mooncakes goes for $118+.

Their series include
lavalicious (halal, vegetarian) with mooncakes that has flowing “lava”
dessertlicious (vegetarian) – inspired by traditional Chinese desserts
Yummylicious – inspired by their famous cookies flavours
luscious (halal, vegetarian) – traditional mooncake flavours

2. Another “Reuse” concept (from Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is from Peach Garden. They give the option of buying their mooncakes with or without their box (additional $5) which can be doubled as a vanity carrier: so you can reduce if you don’t want the box or reuse if you get the vanity carrier.

Their mooncake flavours veer towards the more traditional (Golden Pandan Mooncake with yolk and Signature Premium White Lotus Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts) but they also roll out a new 100% handcrafted Premium Collagen Yuzu Lemon Mooncakes. 4 mooncakes start from $57.35 (promo price) or $71.69 (normal price).

3. You wouldn’t expect to get good mooncakes from a country club but One15Marina snowskin mooncakes are really satisfying and enjoyable, great for children and adults with a sweet tooth. Sugarless things are so joyless like people drinking 0% sugar bubble tea. Yucks. But their mooncakes have just the right amount of sugar. They are the perfect amount of sugar; it’s slightly sweet but not diabetic. The snow skin mooncakes retail at $78++ and include strawberry mascarpone, gula melaka lava, Japanese yuzu and Mao Shan Wang durian. All flavours are good.

4. I always wonder why there are not more Teochew yam mooncakes. Formerly from Peony Jade Group, Chef Wong Kok Shyong with 30 years of experience at 聚 JU Signatures freshly handrolls the signature Teochew pumpkin orh nee mooncakes ($78 for four). Protip: warm up in the microwave for 30s.

5. Golden Moments is most famous for their durian mooncakes but this year they are offering a lava custard flavour (6 mini pc, $57.80) that oozes. The box is so gold and gorgeous but I can’t really make out the lava custard flavour; it’s just really sweet.

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All mooncakes featured are gifted. List will be continually updated as we receive more mooncakes. Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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