Masons, Gillman Barracks

Masons Singapore
Masons is nestled among lush greenery of Gillman Barracks where British soldiers used to reside after WWII. The colonial decor of Masons is classy like in a movie: black-and-white checkered floor tiles with dim lights.

Masons Singapore - Lobster Bisque
Brit Chef Jack Woolner, who runs the kitchen, trained under Clive Dixon, one of the youngest Michelin star chefs, and under Heston Blumenthal OBE, owner of Michelin starred Hinds Head. Chef Woolner presents a variety of price range for the food. For the all-day menu, it is priced in the mid-range. There are pizzas from $21 and salads and mains from $24.

Masons Singapore - Foie Gras
But we had the fine-dining dinner menu, which has a $98 tasting menu. In general, we thought the food was competent, not particularly impressive but not bad either. Started off with lobster bisque with cognac which was thick and sweet. The seared foie gras ($28) was ample and sat on a bed of roasted orange, drizzled with cointreau, on toast. Quite a smart combination but the foie gras was a tad overcooked and hence, a little tough.

Masons Singapore - Wagyu
The wagyu fillet (250g, $90) was tender and chewy but the red wine jus might be too cloy after a few bites. Ended with chocolate fondant ($12), which was skillful, but the accompanying vanilla ice cream had a freezer’s taste.

Masons Singapore - chocolate fondant
Overall, the food was satisfactory but expensive. As for ambience, Masons is an ideal place for dates, lazy afternoon meals, and groups of friends and colleagues. I’d strongly suggest they do weekend brunch, which would probably be popular because of the great ambience.

Masons Singapore

8 Lock Road Gillman Barracks Singapore 108936
T: 6694 2216

12 noon – 11pm

Rating: 2.931/5 stars

PS: Thanks, Val, for the invite.

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