Bars: Cufflink Club, Jiak Chuan Rd; & City Space, Swissotel

Cufflink Club Singapore 

6 Jiak Chuan Rd Singapore 089262
M-Th: 5pm-1am; F: 5pm-2am; Sat: 6pm-2am
Cufflink Club Menu Food & Drinks
Rating: 3.213/5 stars

cufflink club singapore
Love this bar, which used to be a brothel! The vibe was really awesome. Jumping, jumping. But SPGs, you may have stiff competition here. The bar was packed with quite ugly angmoh men and they outnumbered the super chio angmoh women with curvy bodies in body-hugging dresses. So this is where pretty white women hang out. Sarong Party Guys, this is your chance!!

cufflink club review - spring breakBartender Joel Fraser, who used to work at Tippling Club, concocts cocktails that are costly but hilarious, pretty, fun, and potent. The one that left an impression was Spring Break ($24) that came in a plastic cup with a ping pong! Like beer pong for college students! It consists tequila, rum, cachaca, pisco, passionfruit, lemon and gingerbeer.

The crazy sexy Malay server recommended Pornstar ($28, vanilla vodka, passionfruit, pineapple, citrus, butterscotch, champagne) but it wasn’t as sweet as I hoped it would be. Sake sake five dolla’ ($25), which should be renamed Sake sake five times five dolla’, was a junmai dai ginjyo sake, pink grapefruit, lemon and sugar cocktail with a paper crane! We also had a white wine, coke light, and Berlusconi ($20, bitters, pink grapefruit, mandarin, lemon, sugar, egg white).

cufflink club opening hours
Next time I return, I want to try Something Pink & Girlie ($21, vodka, white cacao, summer berries, juniper, citrus); the hilariously named Coke Cane ($22, rum, coke, lime, sugar cane); and, being the hipster that I am, Nordic Hipster ($22, gin, berries, cherry, cinnamon, citrus).

City Space Bar Singapore

2 Stamford Rd Swissotel Level 70 Singapore 178882
T: 6837 3322
Sun-Th: 3pm-1am; F & Sat: 3pm-2am
City Space Swissotel Menu
Rating: 3.563/5 stars

City Space Singapore
Without a doubt, lots of tourists and foreigners to see this spectacular night view of Singapore. Live jazz singing adds to the mood. You’ve to spend a certain amount to sit by the window, but it isn’t much, maybe just two drinks per person. Make reservations for the seats.

city space singapore happy hourService was thoughtful and polite but they can be a little pushy for you to get more drinks. My BFF got a white wine and I had a Chocolate in Still Life ($22/$15 for happy hour, 5-8pm). It was fascinating and delicious! It’s a re-interpretation of chocolate martini: real gold dust, silver flakes and chocolate pearls are held in suspension of a cocktail of vodka, cacao and a hint of hazelnut. Now, I want to go back and try ALL their cocktails.

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