Black & White Caffebar, Beach Road

black and white cafe singapore
Not an easy place to find, Black and White Caffebar (more cafe than bar) serves panini,
salads, soups, and pastas. Coffee beans are from a local roaster, Highlander, with a nice balance of acidity and not too bitter.

black and white caffe bar the plaza

The highlight is the panini. I overheard an angmoh customer chatting with the owner, “Your sandwiches are the best in Singapore.” Much credit goes to the ciabatta bread sourced from an Italian restaurant. It is crusty and soft, not at all dry. The sauces are made in-house.

The best panini is without doubt the vegetarian wild mushroom cheese panini ($7.20). Even before you eat it, there are wafts of aroma. When you bite into it, the contrast between the moist padded mushrooms and the bread gives an umami bliss. Shiok!

black and white cafe bar singapore
The bestseller herb-grilled chicken breast panini ($8.50) is a healthy choice with lots of vegetables but I prefer the roast beef tenderloin ($11.80, above) with BBQ sauce and mayo and Swiss cheese, giving a full carnivorous mouthfeel.

black and white cafe beach road
The mushroom pasta ($9.80) was too soft, cooked way past al dente, but I like nuah pasta. It was laced with truffle oil, comforting and homely.

black and white cafe sg
Selection of desserts, carrot cake (not good), brownie (great and moist), and cheesecakes at $2.80.

When I saw the unassuming shop, I didn’t think it would be any good but after trying the paninis, I was surprised and impressed. Although the paninis aren’t innovative, they are thoughtful, satisfying and delicious.

Black & White Caffebar Singapore

7500A Beach Road, #B1-305 The Plaza, Singapore 199591
T: 6294 1163
M-F: 8am-8pm, Sat: 9am-3pm. Closed Sun & PH.
Black & White Cafe Menu
Rating: 3.021/5 stars

Thanks, Jane, for the hospitality.

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