Perth Itinerary Day 2: Day Trip to Rottnest Island

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Perth Itinerary Day 2: Day Trip to Rottnest Island (for Water Sports Enthusiasts) 

Rottnest Island
Photo credit: Christian Fletcher

Take ferry from Perth’s Barrack Street Jetty to Rottnest Island. (When at the jetty, remember to look out for Swan Bells. More on Swan Bells later.) Rottnest Island has 63 stunning beaches, 20 beautiful bays and many coral reefs of car-free nature reserve: bike to Oliver Hill for guns and tunnels; swim at Little Parakeet Bay; lunch at a cafe at Geordie Bay; snorkel at Parker Point; scuba dive at Fish Hook Bay; and surf at Strickland, Salmon and Stark Bays.

But since my parents are aged, we didn’t go to Rottnest Island. Give this a miss if you’re not a sea sports person.

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    • Hello. I made it clear I didn’t visit Rottnest because my parents are old–my father has trouble walking–and the activities are not for them. I did research from several websites and my guide book and put them together, not just from If you visit other websites, they all said the same things. These are common activities to be done on the island. If there is any plagiarism, then all websites and my guidebook are plagiarizing from one original source. If you know that original source, please let me know and I’ll credit it.

      I put the itinerary up for the sake of completion, to be helpful to people who want to have a full experience of Perth, and don’t have physical restrictions like my parents.

      Have you read other posts before making this groundless accusation? I did days of extensive research, spent my hardearned money (I’m not rich), and spent a lot of time writing the entries just to help readers, so that they can have an enjoyable, easy trip without having to research and plan as hard as I did. It’s a thankless task, and I don’t receive a single benefit in return. It really hurts me that you, hiding under the cloak of irresponsible anonymity, trample over my good intentions.


  1. Hi, thanks for all your info on Perth. We’re planning to go there next month for a week, and your posts have been helpful in our itinerary planning. I’m also going with my senior citizen mother, so I guess we’re crossing Rottnest Island off our list.


  2. Hi! I am planning a trip to Perth with my parents as well! Can you share with me if you did not go Rottnest on Day 2, then where did you go?


  3. hi . nice blog. i pan to go fremantle at day1 and next tday to rottnest island. is that good idea? and rottnest island any suggestion where to stay ? i plan to stay 1 night over there. or day trip will do? tqvm


  4. Hi, can i check if it is better to stay at the freemantle area or in the CBD area for an asian young female sole traveller? Thank you!


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