Battle of the Crab Cze Char: 37 Heng Kee 兴记 VS Da Shi Xi 大四喜, Geylang

Confucius says a mountain cannot contain two tigers. Side by side at a prime location, at the intersection of PIE/KPE and Geylang, just 10 minutes’ walk from Kallang MRT–Which cze char restaurant is the winner?

37 Heng Kee House of Steamed Fish

CLOSED: Da Shi Xi 大四喜

Contact 17 Sims Way, Singapore 388829
T: 6747 4840
11.30am-2.30pm, 5-11.30pm
19 Sims Way, Singapore 388831
T: 6744 6728
5-11pm, closed Mon
Chef Award-winning Frankie Lim, with more than 20 years of experience. He oversees the cooking.

My friend said, “WAH, he looks like he just got out of prison.”

I replied, “Don’t anyhow say! Wait he chop us and make char siew bao.”

da shi xi Eric TeoCelebrity chef Eric Teo is just a partner. Young chefs from Johor Bahru helm the kitchen.
 Decor 37 Heng Keng House of Steamed Fish Geylang
Old-skool. Got table cloth. With air con!
Da shi xi geylang
几 hot 一下 wor! No air con.
Crab 37 Heng Kee Singapore
37 Heng Kee Sims Ave review
Wet crab beehoon ($55). SUPER SHIOK! Got wok hei, noodles absorbed crab’s sweet essence. Huge crab, suitable for 4 persons. Addictive till the last bite. Bonus: Awesome sambal chilli by the side. MUST ORDER.
da shi xi sims ave review
Crab rice ($45 for 1 crab, $80 for 2). Rice fried with bacon before boiling in stock. When stock was almost absorbed, crabs and fried dried sole were added, so the juices from crab dripped into the rice.After hearing so much raves about this dish, it was disappointing. It tasted like fried rice, nothing spectacular. Even SgFoodonFoot, who was eating with us, said that it wasn’t as nice as the first time he had it. 怎么酱的wor?
 Fish 37 Heng Kee geylang price
House of Steamed Fish, must eat fish right? Many different types to choose, a little confusing. In the end, we got a cod (no bones, easier to eat) in Hong Kong style ($24), steamed in soya sauce. The fish had a fishy stench 腥味 but when eaten with pungent spring onions, it was fine. Disappointing, considering the name of the restaurant.
Da Shi Xi 大四喜 geylang price
Fishhead curry ($28) JB style. A little too light for me, no spice, no love, man. And it was only half a fishhead, we all lamented there was not much flesh.
 Fibre 37 Heng Kee geylang menu
My friend’s favorite dish of the night, spinach in stock ($10). Topped with garlic, and wolfberries, the stock was light and refreshing, with a hint of ikan bilis. Can drink as soup.
Da shi xi geylang menu
A rather weak tri-egg spinach ($12). Bland stock, and limp spinach with few strands.
Other Recommendations   – da shi xi restaurant sg
Luckily they ran out of pumpkin for the pumpkin trotter ($28), so they offered an off-menu dishhoney trotter ($28), which, according to Sg Food on Foot who tried the pumpkin, was better. We all agreed it was the best dish that night. Skin was gelatinous but not slimy, meat was soft and flavorful.Muar otah ($10), shrimp paste chicken ($12), and salted egg yolk prawns ($18) were admirable, but not out-of-the-world.
 Other Comments – menu lacks variety
– no air-con
– inconsistent quality
– Ingredients, such as the crabs and prawns, were not good quality.
Service Pretty good, and attentive. But lady boss must have mistaken my friend and I for pigs for she recommended one dish too many. She ought to have warned us. Really sweet on the phone when I was making reservations. But they weren’t paying attention at most times, even in an empty restaurant. Still, when you can get their attention, they are swift, and polite.
Price We paid $92 for two persons, or $46 for one. There was enough food for 3 persons, but we didn’t know and the lady boss didn’t say anything. If 3 were eating, then $30 for one person would have been justifiable. Paid $208 for 7 persons, or about $30 for one.
Rating  3.375/5 stars (Ginger is the older, spicier)  2.906/5 stars

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  1. Threadfin is a very common market fish, I believe the supermarts sell them too. People like to give threadfin to babies bcos the filet contains very little bones. The meat is firmer and not oily but very soft so suitable for both young and old. It’s quite pricey too, so you were lucky you were not overcharged for your “cod”. It’s called
    ‘ngor he’ in teochew. Check this out. https://www.facebook.com/newageparents/posts/10150603934166876


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