K Cook Korean BBQ Buffet, Orchard Central: Perfection at Only $14.90!!!

K cook korean bbq buffet Singapore price
Usually when my friends and I eat, they will complain about the food to me secretly. This time, NO COMPLAINTS at all. These are their comments:

“The cooked dishes are awesome!” – Huccalyly

“I checked facebook, and they have good reviews. You said, ‘Aiya, it’s their friends who wrote.’ YOU ARE WRONG lor. The food is truly delicious!” – William

“I’ll definitely bring my friends back!” – Serene

K cook korean bbq buffet Orchard Central price
K Cook Korean BBQ Buffet is a Korean enterprise, with Korean chef, and management. There are two areas, non aircon (with a good view), and aircon. Both areas are decorated in a modern style, with a big screen, showing Korean concerts and music videos.

K cook korean bbq buffet Sg price
There are cooked food, and bbq ingredients. Canned drinks are included in the buffet. Alcohol at an additional charge. This is the first time I enjoyed cooked food at a BBQ buffet – really fantastic! I usually don’t like Korean rice cake but this one, mixed with beancurd skin and hardboiled egg (pictured above), was marvelous: pillowy, not overly chewy or sticky. I had THREE servings of spicy pork bulgogi, surprisingly refreshing. Japchae (glass noodles) was spot-on delicious. The dakdoritang, or spicy bean-paste chicken, that I always order at 2D1N, was FREEFLOW here. 

K cook korean bbq buffet Orchard Central review
Beef Plate Eye

There are about 10 meat options for BBQ, including prawns, squid, and various marinated pork, beef, and chicken. Everything was outstanding, thoroughly marinated, and tender. Not bad quality, considering the price. 

K cook korean bbq buffet Singapore review
These Koreans don’t know what they’re in for. Put prawns in a buffet? Singaporeans, WHACK.

If there is something to improve, I’d like their spicy items to be spicier. When we ate, it was very mild. Come on, man, Singaporeans can eat spice like Koreans, ok?

K cook korean bbq buffet SG review
Beef short ribs.

Besides the food, the stove is also a winner. Usually, when you BBQ food, the food gets charred easily. Here, the fire set at medium, and the wide flat pan allow the food to cook evenly, without being charred.
K.Cook korean bbq buffet

Among all the Korean BBQ buffets I had, this is, hands down, my favorite at this price point. I must gather my Korean BBQ kakis to go down again ASAP before this gets crowded. Trust me, it will get VERY, VERY CROWDED. 

K. Cook Korean BBQ Buffet Price

M-F (11.30am-3pm): $14.90+ (adult)/ $8.90+ (below 12 years old)
Weekends, PH & eve (11.30am-5pm): $24.90+/ $18.90+ (WHAT?! THAT’S 6-HOUR LUNCH)

M-Th (5.30-10pm): $24.90+/ $18.90+
F-Sun, PH & Eve (5-10pm): $26.90+/ $18.90+

*NIGHT BUFFET (Drinks not included)
Tue-Sat, PH Eve (8.30pm-12am): $12.90+
*This offer hasn’t begun yet. Check their facebook for updates.

K.COOK Korean BBQ Buffet

181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #07-01, Singapore 238896
T: 6884 7282
Rating: 4/5 stars

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Thanks, Alex and Tengyi, for the hospitality.  

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      • I tried k cook before, both BBQ items and cooked food, Daessiksin are still better taste and cheaper than K cook. They are just like sikkek and 2d1n Their grilling equipment is more advance. I been to korean, it is very korean taste and I was told that the owner is korean!


        • Daessiksin is under Ministry of Food, Singapore company. http://ministryoffood.com.sg/menu/mof-ministry-of-food-singapore-BRANDS.html. I know Daniel Food Diary mentioned they are under Ssikkek. So I asked if they are under Ssikkek, they said no.

          I asked the wait staff where the chef is from. He said Filipino. I peeped at the chef to confirm. None of the waiters there was Korean. They were PRC, Filipinos, and (I think) a Malay local. If this is truly a Korean run restaurant, it’s very strange none of the staff I saw was Korean.

          But OK lah, I think where they are from is not important. What’s important is you like Daessiksin better, I like K. Cook better. :) I think Daessiksin is not bad, but it didn’t give me a bliss that K Cook gave me.


      • In Singapore, most of the staff in korean, Japanese, etc etc restaurants are mainly chinese, filipino or malaysian, it is not surprising as long as food is origin and good. In fact, BBQ can be done by anyone as long as they use korean sources and recipe. Also, brand under MOF doesn’t mean that it is not from korean or partnership with korean.

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    • Hello Cindy, no problem at all. When you’re at Orchard Central, you can take a lift to the 7th floor. Turn left. It’s a small area, so even if you get lost, it will at most take you 5 minutes to walk the whole floor. Or you take the very, very long escalator, located outside the building. Just take 7th floor, and the restaurant is at the escalator. Hope this helps.


  1. Hi! May I ask about the drinks there? Is lychee juice available? Great post by the way! You should try the korean BBQ at novena too!


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