Sushi Kuu 壽司喰, Palais Renaissance: Feeling Cheated and Confused

sushi kuu singapore review
Both Pierre and I opted for the most expensive on their lunch menu: sea urchin, toro, roe on sushi rice ($66+). The set comes with miso soup, ice cream, and udon that had a homemade, rustic quality.

sushi kuu palais menu
Bowl big only, contents so little.

The atas chirashi was not bad, but it was just raw food on rice, requiring little culinary skills. What threw me off was the menu didn’t state the toro was minced. Minced toro and sliced toro have different value. Can like that meh? Write “toro” on the menu, but came out to be minced toro? I’d pay $66 for sliced, but not minced toro. I felt cheated.

sushi kuu set lunch menu
This is a confusing restaurant. The pricing indicates that it’s fine dining but the decor and service don’t match the price. There are too many tables and they are too close to one another; the decor doesn’t speak of elegance. The service was good, but it was the type of service found at Sushi Tei at its best. At a fine dining restaurant, servers are held at another standard.

Despite the misgivings, the food was tasty. But is that enough to sustain the restaurant? We paid $155 for two.

Sushi Kuu Singapore

390 Orchard Rd, Palais Renaissance #01-07 Singapore 238871
T: +65 6736 0100
Sushi Kuu Menu
12-3pm, 6-10.30pm
Rating: 2.875/5 stars

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  1. :O

    I had a good time at this restaurant, although we had the regular (I think the bara) chirashi and the salad.

    you’re totally correct about the decor not being entirely commensurate with the price you’re paying, but I rather thought it as a laidback sort of lunchplace for well-to-dos, a little less poncy than the other brandname japanese restaurants, but still rather like a sushi tei albeit with higher quality food.


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