MOVED: New Ubin Seafood, Sin Ming: How I Spent $80 on Cze Char. Ouch.

EDIT: New Ubin Seafood has moved to 63 Hillview Ave.

new ubin seafood sin ming reviewAlthough New Ubin Seafood at Sin Ming looks like a beach hut at Phuket with no aircon, and little ventilation (read: fire hazard), it has to be the most atas cze char I’ve been: reservations can be made online; they have facebook and instagram accounts–instagram for cze char!!!; they employ Filipinos!! as servers and receptionists (usually cze char hires PRCs); there are wines on the menu and angmohs slumming; and you can use credit card to pay!!!

new ubin seafood singapore priceThe food was okay, but not as good as what other bloggers raved about. I don’t understand how a seafood cze char joint, New Ubin SEAFOOD, can be famous for their steak ($12/100g) which comes with dry chips and dry fried rice. I’m guessing the marketing team did a good job. The steak was only mediocre, and because I cook steak very often at home, I’d rather eat my own cooking.

new ubin seafood sg menuAnother mistake was ordering the butter Scottish squid ($21). $21 for sotong! It’s a scam. If it was tasty, I’d have let it slide. But the batter was lao hoong (deflated). I’d rather eat local fresh sotong.

new ubin seafood singapore
Har Jeong Gai

new ubin seafood review
foie gras egg

new ubin seafood singaporeThe other dishes, har cheong kai ($14), foie gras egg ($9), and brinjal delight (more like crisps, $12), were alright. You won’t be missing out if you order other dishes.

new ubin seafood sg

new ubin seafood sgIf I am to return, it would be for the crabs ($38 each, 2 crabs + 1 free crab). They were very fresh, very sweet, and very meaty. We tried three flavors, salted egg yolk, garlic, bee hoon (+$6), and the least favorite was surprisingly the salted egg yolk. The garlic was fragrant, and the bee hoon was sweet with lard.

new ubin seafood sgThe service was pretty good. We sat at a corner but they didn’t fail to notice us each time we raised our hands. Including a bottle of white wine ($42), we paid $271.80 for four persons. The three of us paid slightly more, because one didn’t eat crabs. Don’t think paying $80 commensurates with the value of the food; don’t think I’ll return. But every foodie worth his or her salt should come to New Ubin Seafood once and I’ve crossed it off my Restaurant Wishlist.

New Ubin Seafood
Blk 27 Sin Ming Road #01-174 Singapore 575680
T: +65 6466 9558
M-F 11am – 2pm, 5pm-10pm,  Weekends 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm

Service: 7/10
Food: 5.5/10
Value: 4/10
Ambience/Decor: 6/10
Rating: 2.813/5
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  1. Haha thanks nat. I had it on my list for the longest time. Was even turned away once because of no reservation. Decided to let it pass till the ‘craze’ dies down. Your article helped me prioritise and guess it will stay on my to do list for some time yet!

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