The Butcher’s Kitchen, Suntec: Carnivores’ Paradise & Italian Food

Taking over the space of Bottura, The Butcher’s Kitchen at Suntec is an outpost of the 14 year-old butchery The Butcher. Their meats are organic, traceable to their sources, free from antibiotics, hormone-promoters, and steroids. There are no chemicals and customers have a choice of free-range, non-GMO grain or grass-fed meats.

Free  range pork loin ($19)

The meats here are very delicious. They are prepared simply by either grilling or pan-frying with minimal marination to focus on the quality of the meats. Each meat dish comes with a side of mixed greens or grilled garden vegetables.

Chicken breast ($16)

I can’t get enough for the grilled vegetables; they are sweet, aromatic, and juicy. However, I suggest that in addition to the vegetables, they should add fries because at the moment, the plate looks empty (plating is important) and because the carbs would fill up the stomach.

New Zealand King Salmon ($29)

We were there in a big group and managed to try 5 meat dishes and they are all excellent. The chicken breast ($16) is tender and sweet, great for gymmers. The free range pork loin ($19) is not gamy. The wild-caught New Zealand King Salmon ($29) is very fresh, crispy on the surface, soft and pinkish in the inside.

Thousand Guineas grain-fed ribeye ($38)

The Thousand Guineas grain-fed ribeye ($38) uses the exclusive Australian Shorthorn beef. It is grilled to a nice medium (although I prefer my steaks medium-rare), and it’s juicy.

Lamb rack ($35)

One of the bestsellers, pasture-fed lamb rack ($35), is juicy and not at all gamy. Outstanding quality.

Also worth mentioning are their burgers, pizzas, pastas. Along with the sauces, they are made from scratch. The bread, buns, dough are baked in-house daily. The Butcher’s Burger Dog (beef, $10, above) is definitely a must order. It is the item that started it all for them. The crusty and fluffy bun is beautifully buttered with a great beef patty. However, avoid the pork version; it is gamy for us.

The pastas are homemade, but the meatballs on the meatball pasta ($15) are tough. The pizza crusts are also homemade, and the blue cheese pizza ($25) is not too bad, but the crust is overly chewy.

For desserts, they have traditional hand-crafted gelato, offering classic flavors and creative ones like chilli crab gelatochendol, etc. Although the gelato is a bit icy and not smooth for me, their waffles make up for it; it’s crispy, fluffy, and mildly sweet.

Here’s some offers to make the food even better: Breakfast set starts from $5.80. Set lunch, which includes a main and a drink, is at $15. They have a 1-for-1 sirloin steak offer on weekdays. A free glass of housepour wine on weekends for an order of sirloin or ribeye steak. There is a wine-buffet ($30++), with a limit of 2 hours.

The Butcher’s Kitchen is still best for their meats. It’s unpretentious and delicious. One of the better casual restaurants that we’ve been to this year.

The Butcher’s Kitchen
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City Tower 1 & 2 (North Wing) #02-47, Singapore 039593
Tel: +65 9616 0111

Food: 7/10
Price: 6/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: NA

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Written by A. Nathanael Ho.

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