Pałacyk Gozdawa, Poland: We Dined in a Palace, Feasting On Old Polish Cuisine

Pałacyk Gozdawa, or Palace Gozdawa, in Poland consists of a century-old classicist building surrounded by a 1.5-hectare park and a fish pond.

Inside the palace

They have a restaurant that opens 6 days a week, but it is a popular event space, especially for weddings. Do call ahead when you’re visiting to avoid being turned away.

Chef Piotr Lenart

Chef Piotr Lenart, who is greatly esteemed for his knowledge in traditional Polish cuisine, helms the local farm-to-table restaurant.

By farm-to-table, I really mean that the farms and wineries are around the palace, so you can walk to get them.

Cured goose

When we were there, it was goose season. And Palace Gozdawa is along the migratory route of the geese!

Cured goose

We ate everything goose, but were never bored of it because of the extensive ways of handling it.

Goose aspic

There were goose prosciutto, goose aspic, goose ham, goose pate, goose sausage, goose rilette, and goose tartare.

Goose ham

They were all delicious, but among them, prosciutto, pate, and rilette were awesome. But the best was tartare.

Goose pate and sausages

Perhaps it was because the chef made the tartare freshly on the spot. He minced and seasoned it with only savorie, marjoram, salt, and pepper. It was so fat but not greasy, super umami. I took 5 portions, maybe.

Goose rilette

Goose tartare

Goose blood soup

After the free-flow of cold cuts and cured goose, we started with Goose blood soup. In the past, when men proposed and were rejected, the ladies would serve them goose blood soup.

It was sour, sweet, spicy, with the dominant taste of plum vinegar. Not bad, but it’s really more for fun.

Baked goose

The baked goose is marinated for 24 hours, before going into the oven. It wasn’t as fat as I expected nor as I wished it to be.

My eating companion said that it was dry, but I didn’t think so. It was not as tender as I’d like, but it was good.

It has to do with expectations. My companion was comparing it to Cantonese roast duck, but I was thinking in terms of rustic Polish food as the chef had been telling us throughout the night.

Pierogi with beetroot

Be sure to order Polish national dish, pierogi. I ate this at many restaurants, and they do it best here.

Rustic Cake

There are also desserts here. Go for the rustic cake, done European style. Unlike the ethereal Japanese cakes, their cake is dense, but also delicious.


I highly recommend Pałacyk Gozdawa if you are driving around the country. I like how the setting and the food contrast each other: you are eating what Polish villagers eat at a luxurious space.

Pałacyk Gozdawa
Łochocin 6, 87-600 Łochocin
t: +48 794 408 727 / +48 664 058 808
Tue – Sun 10am to 6pm
Closed for occasional events Sat, Sun

Food: 7/10
Ambience: 10/10

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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