Route 65, Suntec: Bold-flavoured Proteins Served with Loud Music

Route 65 is located at the North Wing of Suntec City, a bar and kitchen specialising in contemporary Asian dishes and bar bites with daily live performances. Depending on where you sit, it’s a good place to observe stressed-out PMETs walking by or being totally drown in episodic music.

The name is a play on number 65, being the country’s area code, and ‘Route’ hints at food Singaporeans are familiar with. The interior is industrial and sparse-looking, with the tables for fours and sixes in the middle, sofa seats run along the glass window, bar with tall stools tucked right at the far end, all surrounding the stage.

Hot Sauce Drummers

Nothing screams bar food more than Hot Sauce Drummers ($8). They are crunchy, juicy drumlets with an intense spicy kick.

Superstar Beef Rendang

Also sensational is the Superstar Beef Rendang ($25). Braised for 24 hours, the beef rendang short ribs are so soft I can spoon it apart with ease. Although the meat looks dry, it is juicy and fragrant. The accompanying fried rice and crackers are quite bland in comparison.

St Louis Grilled Pork Ribs

My favourite is the fall-off-bone tender St Louis Grilled Pork Ribs ($34 whole, $18.50), which is not overly sweet. Juicy prime cut ribs splattered generously with Balinese-style barbeque sauce and, with a squeeze of lime, brings you to Bali for that very instant.

Grilled Half-Spring Chicken Panggang

When the Grilled Half-Spring Chicken Panggang ($16) arrives, it is apparent that Route 65 is very proud of their bold-flavoured proteins. The simple roast chicken turns out better than I thought. It had been sous vide for 3 hours before grilling. The chicken is tender and juicy with only a hint of heat. The potato cubes with belacan sauce don’t really hold up to the main, in taste and in appearance.

Cheesy Lobster Carrot Cake

A nod to the local favourite stir-fried carrot cake, the fluffy Cheesy Lobster Carrot Cake ($20) features fresh al dente slipper lobster meat topped with crunchy pork floss. I find this an interesting take and elevates Singapore’s traditional dish without coming out weird.

Dipping Donuts

For desserts, the Dipping Donuts ($8) are cardboard tough and taste weird. As told by the staff, it’s not how it should’ve tasted. The three dips – bandung, kaya, and peanut – are rather one-dimensional and bland.

Crème Brulee with Gula Melaka and Coconut Ice Cream

Thankful that the Crème Brulee with Gula Melaka and Coconut Ice Cream ($10) tastes normal but not remarkable. It possesses creamy, eggy texture with a slight crunch top, something expected of every crème brulee. The coconut ice cream, along with accompanying berries, tastes refreshing and cuts through the gaminess leftover from the meatiness.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable place to come with friends or colleagues after work. The music could be too loud if you sit in the middle, and I’ve a hard time deciphering what my friend is talking so my advice is to take the sofa seats.


Route 65 Bar & Kitchen
Suntec City North Wing Tower 5 #01-434, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038983
Tel:+65 6235 7042
M – S: 11.30am – 1am

Food: 6.25/10
Decor / ambience: 5/10
Price: 6/10

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Written by Alexius Chua. Alexius cannot live without his fix of morning coffee. When he is not daydreaming, he visits cafés, pats dogs, and watches movies. An eager traveler, he cannot wait for the next adventure, and aims to lead a happy and meaningful life. 

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