Entertainment Review: SERVED HOT 烧卖 & A TASTE OF HISTORY 寻味地图 at Swatow Seafood Restaurant

Attended a preview screening of two new Channel U productions, where the average age of the fans was 16. I said, “Woah, we double-handedly…”

Huccalily interrupted, “It’s you single-handedly, not me…”

WE double-handedly increase the average age in this room.” Then Bryan Wong walked on stage. PHEW. Hey Bryan, I grew up watching you on TV… isn’t a compliment anymore?

Is it a sign of old age when Huccalily and I got excited over Chew Chor Meng; thought the sexiest guy on stage was Zhu Hou Ren; and didn’t know the 4 young actors’ names on the left? 

A TASTE OF HISTORY 寻味地图 CHANNEL UA Taste of History 寻味地图

Of the two shows, I prefer A Taste of History, hosted by Bryan Wong (photo taken from Channel U Facebook). You can say, old ginger is spicier (姜还是老的辣).

A Taste of History is an important and nostalgic documentary that traces the history of dialect groups in Singapore through culinary history and neighborhoods. The first episode, which we saw, is on Katong.

Not only is this documentary important in times of rapid development, the cinematography is first class. The way the camera zooms in on an uncle frying hokkien mee: you see strands of lard-coated noodle somersaulting in the wok, absorbing the essence. When I saw this scene, I was, HULK HUNGRY, SERVE HULK DINNER NOW. To be able to taste the food through images, this is some awesome camerawork. Thank you for preserving a part of Singapore’s heritage.

A Taste of History airs from 7 Jan to 25 Mar, every Tue, 8.30-9pm, on Channel U.

A Taste of History Channel U
This lady is going to be in many 16 year-olds’ cameraphones.


Served Hot is a story of three ex-convicts and a chef’s daughter overcoming adversities which revolve food. In the drama, Shane Pow plays the role of the joker; Aloysius Pang is the one with culinary raw talent; Ian Fang the psycho; and Ya Hui the chef’s daughter who needs to persuade her father to allow her to be a chef.

Acting, like all other jobs, requires practice: the longer you are at it, the better you get (unless your name is Jeanette Aw.) Despite their inexperience, these four young actors are pretty natural, especially Shane Pow who has great comic timing in the show. But vis-a-vis, it is the nonchalant Ian Fang who stands out: he gives a Bad Boy vibe in real life, as if he would make you love him, trample all over your heart, and heartlessly dine with a new girl the same day he ditches you. But my intuition may be wrong.

SERVED HOT 烧卖 Cast  Channel U
Actors in Served Hot (L to R): Ian Fang 方伟杰, Shane Pow 包勋评, Aloysius Pang, Chew Chor Meng 周初明, Zhu Hou Ren 朱厚任, Lee Teng 李腾, and Ya Hui 雅慧. (Photo taken from Channel U Facebook)

From the clips we are shown, I like that the storyline talks about kinship, friendship and dreams and not love as a theme. Seriously, enough of love stories; we need other stories of other kinds. I also like that it handles heavy issues (such as dementia) in a light-hearted way because life doesn’t need to be a Korean sob fest all the time.

Served Hot is a heart-warming drama with beautiful cinematography that doesn’t require a lot of brains but has a lot of heart. Good for after-work relaxation. It is also a star vehicle for the young actors. If you’re their fan, watch it. If you’re below 20 and above 50 at home on a weekday night, this is compulsory viewing. But caution for weight watchers (like myself) as you may be tempted to sup.

Served H.O.T airs from 13 Jan to 29 Jan 2014, Mon-Fri, 10-11pm on Channel U. More information at the WEBSITE.

Swatou Seafood Restaurant Singapore
The preview screening was held at Swatow Seafood Restaurant. Eh, if you’re my faithful reader, and because only smart people read my blog, you should be smart enough to note the pun that we were served siew mai or in Mandarin 烧卖. And yes, it was served hot.

Thanks Hui Sian for the invite.

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