Pigsfly Kitchen & Bar, Novena: Glorified Kopitiam, Something for Everyone

pigsfly kitchen and bar

Under the same management as Boathouse, Prelude Bar, Kitchenette, Sear, and Mu Parlour, the concept of Pigsfly is similar to Bar Bar Black Sheep and The Foundary, or what we call a glorified kopitiam. Like kopitiam, there is no air-con and there are six stalls you can choose from: burgers, pizzas, Thai food, Indian, Japanese and a fish-and-chips stall.

avocado bacon burgerAvocado Bacon AKA Mr. Know It All ($18) Had to get this, it’s my nickname given by my ex. 

The three of us that night all opted for Western food. Hookerlily and I had burgers while Ms Atas, a pizza.

Although this is more of a hangout beer place for large groups of friends or afterwork than a food place, there is a variety of food for people with different liking. The food were quite satisfactory and rather reasonably priced. Including non-alcoholic drinks, each person would spend about $15-$20. A good alternative if you want to be near the city but don’t want to squeeze with the crowd.

Pigsfly Kitchen + Bar

1 Goldhill Plaza #01-05 Singapore 308899
T: 6352 7484

Sun-Th: 11am-11pm
F-Sat: 11am-2am

Rating: 3.274/5 stars

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