YJH Restaurant 御记煌 (Yu Ji Huang), Zhuhai: Hotpot Owner Liaises With Hai Di Lao

YJH Restaurant 御记煌 (Yu Ji Huang) at Zhuhai is situated within the Beijing Normal University (affectionately known as 北师大 Bei Shi Da), but the restaurant can be accessed by the public. It is nicely furnished and reasonably priced for students and working adults around the read.

The restaurant began with selling 三汁焖鸡 or braised chicken in a hotpot, which is still their signature. The dish originated in the Qing dynasty. According to the menu, it is good for healthy with medical benefits. It uses 10 different Chinese herbs and spices including medical wine. Braising, according to the menu, is one of the healthiest way to eat food.

But the owner has sharp acumen and adds more popular items to attract the youths. Items such as the popular Korean cheese hotpot-and-bbq, Chinese wine hua diao jiu chicken, a hotpot using Hai Di Lao soup (although in China, they don’t care about copyright, here YJH officially liaises with HDL to supply their soup).

How you order: you order the hotpot, which already comes with ingredients. If you want to add more ingredients, you can order later. Each hotpot is good for 3 to 4 persons, so it is best to come in groups here.

We started with duck wings 鸭翅 (¥6 for 2), which is braised in soy sauce and served cold. It is refreshing but the meat is tough and nothing really special.

My friend ordered his usual: Hainanese coconut chicken hotpot (¥168). They use coconut water from two whole coconuts, coconut flesh, and one whole chicken. All natural ingredients, nothing artificial.

The chicken is bony, and not much meat; I suppose you can call it Kampong chicken.

After a while, you can add vegetables and tau pok into the soup; these come together with the hotpot at no extra charge. Their tau pok is quite different from our Singapore version; ours is airy but theirs has a nice firm bite to them. It tastes like bouncy tofu which is surprisingly tasty. I can’t get enough of the tau pok.

Also: I recommend ordering the coconut milk drink (¥20 for 1.5l bottle). It’s super tasty. It’s creamy and sweet.

The service here is excellent. Although the restaurant is very busy and the wait staff run around, you can always get their attention. And when they serve you, they are always cheerful.

This place gets crowded and for good reasons. The ingredients are fresh and good; the service is satisfactory; and the price is reasonable. I do wish I had tried their signature, instead of the coconut chicken, but I was satisfied with the meal. We paid ¥202 for two persons but really, this ought to be a 3 to 4-person meal.

YJH Restaurant 御记煌 (Yu Ji Huang)
北师大燕华苑5栋7号,Beijing Normal University Zhuhai, Yan Huan Yuan Block 5, No. 7
tel: 1372 6270 311

Food: 6.5/10
Price / value: 6.5/10
Decor / ambience: 6.5/10
Service: 7/10

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