Bursztynowy Palace Hotel Review, Włocławek Poland: Think They Gave Me the Servant Quarters

When we arrived at Bursztynowy Palace (Polish: Pałac Bursztynowy), it was late and the building was very dark and sinister. They like to save electricity.


As a result, the old, crumpling building seems like a ghost house.

For this review, I’ll just cut and paste the group chat of the people I travelled with. There are two group chats: the International contingent (highlighted in blue) and Singapore contingent (in red).

At the entrance of the hotel. Imagine seeing this at night.

International Whatsapp Group Chat

Edina: The room is nice but the door doesn’t close.

Redz: Mine neither! 

Kee: I’m in a teeny single bed!

Redz: I’m gonna fall out of mine.

Al: Luckily I’m 150cm.

No lift in this wing of the building. Had to carry my luggage up 3 floors. In semi-darkness. The motion sensors don’t work well, so I had to move halfway in the dark and scary space before the lights came on.

Singapore contingent whatsapp

Me: Fuck, man. No lift. had to carry my luggage and climb 3 floors up.

Me: URGH. the beds are so small. I think they gave me the servant quarters.

Karen: SAME. 

Tim: Hopefully nothing is under the bed. 

Me: I’ll take a photo under my bed and you help me see if there is someone there. 

Rach: My room is the worst! It’s so narrow like a corridor. 

Tim: Alamak no kettle. 

Me:  I shan’t complain about my narrow bed. It’s my fault that I’m fat. 

Karen: Rach, I’m coming to your room and bunk with you. It’s too scary. I cannot. 

Karen: Does your aircon work? Mine doesn’t. 

Me: My bottle rolled under the bed. I think I’ll give up my water. I rather die of thirst. 

Tim: what if it rolls out on its own?

Me: URGH, the curtains don’t close fully. What if someone peers in??

Karen: My sink is choked. Why are there so many problems???

Conjuring cupboard: CLAP CLAP.

Next day, International Contingent

Karis: Starting the day off with a literal bang – the hairdryer in my room exploded!

Kee: I heard you scream. 

Karis: It’s ok, but there is no power in my room now! Everything short-circuited. 

Alex: Please be careful if you go outside. I just went flying down the front steps – it’s pure ice. [poor lady was in agony for the rest of the trip.]

bed so narrow – about 1m in width

the door doesn’t lock, so this is my security measure.

Sitting area in the room

old school, they gave soap, not shower gel.


View from the room in the morning. Gorgeous garden.


Close-up of statue in garden

For spatial arrangement of the room, see the video:


There are a Finnish sauna and 4 tennis courts. Free parking is provided on site.

The breakfast room also serves as a bar at night.

For breakfast, they serve Polish and European dishes, which mean cheeses, hams, pates, bread, sausages, and eggs–that’s about it.

Pates and hams and cheese

The food is palatable but not exceptional.

Sausages and scrabbled eggs

To conclude, I wouldn’t recommend the hotel. It’s old and decrepit. People encounter accidents easily. It’s unfortunate to go on a holiday and get injuries.

Pałac Bursztynowy
Okrężna 21, 87-800 Włocławek, Poland
t: +48 54 231 91 00

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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