Hotel Hanza

Gdańsk (pronounced as GE-dansk) was an important seaport town in Poland in the old days and a popular tourist destination. There is a certain Old World charm about Gdańsk and it is worth visiting. And Hotel Hanza (about 300PLN / S$100 a night) is in the middle of Gdańsk.


It has a nautical theme (nautical, not naughty girl) because, obviously, of Gdańsk’s location. The lobby has a classy chandelier and black-and-white wallpapers of ships.

View from the entrance of the room

The room I had has a sloping ceiling and one of the walls has a wallpaper of the port town. But no windows. More accurately, there are windows but they are too high to offer a view. (I’m 1.8m, 6ft.) What a waste. it could have offered a view of the beautiful port.

Continuing the nautical theme, the room has a “porthole” for window.

But everything else is good. There are adequate amenities and facilities. Kettle and hairdryer, bar fridge is full, on a tartan carpet. The sheets are aquamarine to represent water. There is even a sitting area.

Sitting area


Skylight – I’m not quite sure how this works. What if I want to sleep in? How do I close the curtain?

TV and bar fridge

Their TV is rather small but they provide water in glass – great for recycling and for the environment.


No bathtub here. Strangely, none of the hotels I stayed at in Poland has bathtub. Why?

To give a spatial visualisation of the room, I filmed this video:


Restaurant Zafshowani

Not sure how this hotel is a 4-star. For hotels to get stars, it means that they have facilities. For example, 3-star hotel has no gym and no pool. 4-star should have a gym. And a 5-star hotel has gym and pool and restaurants.


Hotel Hanza doesn’t have a pool or gym. But it does offer spa services and has a reputable fish-focused restaurant, Restaurant Zafshowani, helmed by Chef Daniel Chrzanowski.

Eggs and bacon

We had their hotel breakfast which was extensive and lovely. The food was of a high quality and it showcased Polish food especially a variety of sausages.


They even served desserts. It was a classy affair.

sauerkraut and sausages

Strawberry puffs

To conclude:



-good location


-provides most amenities

-enjoyable and delicious breakfast

-Nautical theme to fit the town history and geography

-relatively clean


-lack in facilities (no gym and no pool)

-no windows (at least not any windows you can peer out to see the gorgeous view)

If you don’t mind the facilities, then I will recommend this budget-friendly and spacious hotel. It’s definitely one of the better hotels we stayed at in Poland.

Hotel Hanza Gdańsk
ul. Tokarska 6
80-888 Gdańsk
Tel: +48 603 612 927

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Written by Dr. A. Nathanael Ho.

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