Le Petit Paradis, Katong (Rebranded as Enoch’s European)


le petit paradis Singapore review
Ali Baba Eating House must have good feng shui. The kopitiam first housed Astons, and Astons got wildly successful with 26 outlets. Then Saveur took over the kopitiam stall, and now Saveur has 3 outlets including Concetto. After Saveur, the stall was taken by Le Petit Paradis (LPP). Now, LPP not only has one new restaurant, it has two: LPP, a two-storey restaurant, a few doors down from the kopitiam, and Cafe &Eden at Toa Payoh Safra.

le petit paradis katong menu
Photo Credit: LPP FB

Sibei yandao chef-owner Enoch Teo, graduate of At-Sunrise GlobalChef Academy, who probably has a thing for eschatology, has worked at top French restaurants such as Absinthe, Andre, and Les Amis. The small but varied menu serves affordable French cuisine.

le petit paradis east coast road price
Wasn’t interested in starters of French classics such as onion soup ($6), escargots ($11), and foie gras ($14), so I had two mains. YES, two mains! Teo recommended the seafood bouillabaisse ($23), a seafood stew with saffron aioli. It was too salty although the seafood was ample, cooked just right. He also recommended sous vide lamb shoulder ($18.50) on a bed of creamy bismati rice. Tender, piping hot, rice not too jerlat, good value. Not bad.

Le petit paradis restaurant sg
I was alone and had no stomach space for desserts. Besides they had only creme brulee ($8) that day. (Edit: A reader edified me the dessert is French. All along, I thought it’s Italian, always eating it at Italian restaurants! Italian restaurants, Y U cheat my feelings?)

Comparing to the first time I ate at Astons and the first time at Saveur, LPP lacked the WOW factor. And talking about feng shui, LPP reminds me a lot of the defunct Pasta Vista Cafe, where LPP is now at: both places had decent, homely and affordable food, and polite and friendly service, but nothing stood out. Even their ratings are the same (it isn’t intentional, I noticed the ratings after I rated LPP).

Water is not free. I spent $43.50. Can give LPP a try if you live nearby: it won’t offend, it will please you but not too much.

Le Petit Paradis

95 East Coast Road Singapore 428793
T: 6447 0710
M-F 12-2.30pm, 6-10pm; weekends 12-10pm
Rating: 3.188/5 stars

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